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Buxom Is Better usually runs from "Large" and above, with the divide between Realistic and Absurd types seemingly occurring between low-end and high-end Very Large; mid-level Bakunyuu itself is pretty much a grey area that can go either way. On the other hand, Gag Boobs - by strict defintion - can not go below mid-level-to-high-end Average.

Term Equivalent Cup Size Commonly Used For
realistic (r) unrealistic (un)
Japanese English US(r) UK(r) Japan/EU(r) US(un) UK(un) Japan/EU(un)
Loli "board flat" no bra no bra no bra no bra no bra no bra
Hinnyu small AA to A AA to A AA to A AA to A AA to A AA to A
Funyuu average B to D B to D B to D B to D B to D B to D
Kyonyuu large DD to F DD to E E to G F to K E to H G to L
Bankunyuu very large G to L F to JJ H to M L to S HH to M M to T
Chounyuu extremely large M+ K+ N+ T+ MM+ U+
  • Hinnyuu (貧乳): lit. "impoverished breasts".
  • Funyuu (普乳): lit. "general/universal/wide(ly) breasts", or figuratively, "average/generic breasts".
  • Kyonyuu (巨乳): lit. "huge breasts".
  • Bakunyuu (爆乳): lit. "exploding breasts".
  • Chounyuu (超乳): lit. "super(-sized) breasts".

If you want to see a good visual aid of what this chart would look like, from smallest to largest, see the below picture:


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