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How wrong is this picture? Let me count the ways.[1]

As Abraham Lincoln once said, journalism is the first rough draft of history. Or possibly it was Thomas Edison who said that. I'm pretty sure somebody said it, because you often hear journalists quote it in an effort to explain how come they get everything wrong.

Sometimes, it seems, the entire process of fact-checking gets left out of the newsmaking process -- specially when it comes to Those Damn Youngsters' Pop Culture.

Compare Complaining About Shows You Dont Watch, New Media Are Evil. (If you find yourself constantly annoyed by this kind of thing, you probably believe Old Media Are Evil).

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  1. The character is female, her name is Ed, and she is a supporting character at best. Cowboy Bebop is the show's name, where "Cowboy" is a slang term for bounty hunter, and "Bebop" is the name of the main characters' spaceship, not the name of any character in the show. And there's no computer in this picture, either, just a monitor and a keyboard. At least they got the word "at" correct.

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