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Basically... yeah

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How about Fansadox BDSM stories, just the descriptions will make me loose sleep for a month! - NC 17 to all you wanks (possible Gorn)

Fansadox is a BDSM pornographic comic franchise centered around rough BDSM play, the beating and rape of women. As it's expected, being made for a specific niche, readers will have reactions ranging from Squick to High Octane Nightmare Fuel to beyond that. In rare cases, it can even turn to snuff.

It consists of contributions from several artists with several (and highly different) way of draw, or even think. This obviously results in different numbers with different stories.

In more recent issues, the company has made several disclaimer pages, almost mocking the porn industry, in which the fictional cartoon characters swear they're over 18 and that they are actually BDSM (sometimes payed) actors who enjoyed every moment of it. Hilarity Ensues, but it also becomes a Narm moment as you realise they appear in just about any issue, from when they started using it so to not have trouble with the US law, fact confirmed by creator Gary Roberts himself (link).

Warning: Vulgar language ahead and if you don't like how it starts, leave now before needing to use some Brain Bleach.

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