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IMPORTANT NOTICE - Do NOT copy pages from TV Tropes directly. Instead, you must recover pages from the Internet Wayback Machine at by using a TV Tropes page URL (from June 2012 or earlier), since all TV Tropes pages since July 2012 use a wiki license incompatible with Wikia. Besides, non members of TV Tropes can no longer access the page source pages anyway. Any page from the torrent archive on the front page is acceptable to use as well.

Some basic steps in importing pages from TV

  1. Find page you want to import
  2. Copy-paste the title from there in the internet bar after "/wiki/"
  3. Go back to the TV article, click the "Source" button above (you don't need to be logged in for this)
  4. Download the TvTropesMirrorWikiFormatConverter.exe (now version 1.09)
  5. Copy the content of that page in the program
  6. Click "Convert"
  7. Copy the content of the second split screen in the page on this wiki
  8. We recommend you use autocorrect to make your life easier and spot what needs editing

You should NOT Edit

  1. Do not remove altogether the spoiler tags
  2. Do not copy-paste the page directly, go to source, it'll be easier to edit that way
  3. Do not remove text from the original page. If you're tired of copy-editing, just press "Publish" and you or someone else will continue the task.

Other tips Edit

NOTE: When copying it to our page editor, switch to source mode before doing a copy paste from a text file or directly from the TV Tropes source page. This will do a large chunk of the formatting for you, since MediaWiki (our wiki code format) and pmwiki (TV Tropes format) use some of the same page formatting layout.

When importing a page from TV Tropes, if you're using a text editor, the following tips may ease your edits:

  • Edit two-three word continuous phrases like this:
    1. ThisTrope needs to be replaced with [[This Trope]]
    2. [[ThisTrope Text]] needs to be replaced with [[This Trope|Text]]
    3. [[{{This Trope}} Text]] needs to be replaced with [[This Trope|Text]]
    4. [[{{Trope}} Text]] needs to be replaced with [[Trope|Text]]
    5. {{Trope}} needs to be replaced with [[Trope]]
    6. [[spoiler: text text text]] needs to be replaced with {{spoiler|text text text}}
  • If a trope work, replace all "* " with "* [[" Thus, you'll have 2 less [['s to type in, and that'll make everything easier.
  • Replace "[[spoiler: " with "{{spoiler|".
  • Replace // with '' (these are the endings of quotes).
  • We find things like "UsefulNotes.ChristianHolidays" to be less useful than simply "Christian Holidays". Also "WesternAnimation.TheSimpsons" is far more unwieldy than simply "The Simpsons". In short, remove the prefix tag when importing pages.
  • To change font colors (please do not abuse this template), use {{color|color name|text}} instead of [[color:color name:text]]

If saved with enters every other two words Edit

  • Save text in a .doc or .rtf document
  • Right-click document, open with Notepad
  • CTRL+H /par into simple space " " (that's the code for "Enter")
  • CTRL+H * with */par
  • CTRL+H */par* with /par** (in this case, press "Replace all" as many times as necessary)
  • Close and save
  • Open document normall with the Word reader.
  • End result: you'll get no enters, but two spaces where an enter was, so easier to replace enters at the start of the page; with this method, there should be enters between examples or trope list.

Trope Title Naming Conventions Edit

  • Trope titles should have all words in them start with uppercase letters
    • Unless the author actually expresses wishes of the title being written as he wants
  • Special titles are acceptable as much as Wikia supports them. If Wikia doesn't support them (which is very unlikely, since MediaWiki is light-years ahead of PMWiki), don't use them in titles and revert to less crowded title so to minimize potential damage.
  • Use common judgement when importing or renaming a trope: don't just copy-paste the TV title. Remove extraneous commas (,) or quote marks ("), even exclamation marks (!), unless they're vital for the meaning of a trope.
    • We initially import pages with plain titles (like they were in PmWiki, just with spaces and without punctuation. This is for compatibility reasons with all the other pages that use those types of trope titles, so only do renames after the trope has been imported under its original name. Don't import it with added punctuation first.
    • This means you're allowed to remove , ; ! signs even if it contradicts rigorous grammar norms, if they make the title name look too uptight.
    • Must use apostrophes where needed: DON'T write "Cant, Dont", write "Can't, Don't".
  • Remember that when importing, people will copy-edit in entire uppercase and won't know your super contrived grammar signs you put in a trope title. See TV title in address bar, copy it, make spaces between uppercase letter and make them Redirects.

Additional editing tipsEdit

  • When using our page converter to import pages, it has two options for page conversion. You may use either, but if you use the second option, please remove the {{2012}} templates the converter adds from the bottom of the converted page before saving the page to this site. These templates were for a now depreciated dating scheme that we have now replaced with a wiki gadget you can toggle in your user preferences. Also, if possible, try to edit the converted page to look as nice as possible and remove the {{cleanup}} template if you have formatted the page well enough before saving the page here. If the page still needs heavy editing even after all of your work or you don't have the time to clean it up before saving it, leave the cleanup template in place.

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