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Monster Girl Quest (aka Monmusu Quest: Lose and the Girls Rape You) is an eroge created by a small doujin group, inspired by The Monster Girl Encyclopedia. So far, only the first two chapters have been released and only a fan-translation (albeit a high-quality one) is available. All in all three chapters are currently planned.

Set In A World where Cute Monster Girls abound, the story follows Luka, a boy with aspirations of becoming a hero. On the day of his baptism as a Hero, his village is attacked by a slime girl. After defeating her and thus missing out on his baptism, Luka stumbles upon Alice, a lamia who apparently fell from the sky. After receiving a vision from the goddess Ilias, Luka resolves to set out on a quest to confront the Monster Lord in the hope of creating a world where humans and monsters can live together in harmony. Alice, seeing something special in Luka, decides to tag along under the pretense of seeing the world and all its delicacies.

Oh yeah, did we mention that the monster girls feed on and procreate with the semen of human males, usually against the man's will? To say that this game is explicit is to say that the Atlantic Ocean is damp. Just a heads up for anyone thinking of downloading it.

As of December 6th, 2013 all three chapters are completely fan translated and can be found at RogueTranslator's blog just like the previous chapters.

Now has its own wiki!

Tropes appearing in this series Edit

  • A Taste of Power: Yeah, all that insane power you've amassed by the end of chapter 2? You know, being able to use all the spirits at once, access to Heinrich's ultimate attack, and being an overall epic badass capable of defeating the Four Heavenly Knights and Alice in succession? You get to only enjoy using that for the first few battles of chapter 3 before Diabolus Ex Machina kicks in and rips the spirits out of Luka. You spend the rest of the game recovering them, and even then more plot elements in place prevent you from using them they way you were in chapter two until you hit the final boss gauntlet of chapter 3 and actually NEED that kind of power. On the plus side you spend the rest of the game using Luka's angel powers and once the spirits are back at full power they're supercharging your already insanely powerful angel abilities.
  • After Combat Recovery: Somewhat justified since almost all monsters use only pleasure attacks and any "recovery" is merely relaxing until the boner goes away. Turns out Luka can also recover from real wounds this way.
    Alice: What the hell is wrong with your body??
  • Ahoge: Sylph has idiot hair, to no one's surprise.
  • Alice Allusion: There seem to be no connection between Alice and Alice at first. But in second chapter, reveal that each Monster Lord take the name Alice after first one. Then you see Black Alice, a blond little girl in blue dress and she's working for Ilias
  • All Women Are Lustful: At least all the monster women are (Justified since their sustenance is male semen)
  • Always Chaotic Evil: Deconstructed. The human population as a whole firmly believes that all monsters are evil, but they're as much victim as villain, and while they're most certainly rapists, they literally feed on sex, and the Church has decreed that any consenting partner is a heretic. Other than the rape part, monsters' alignment spans the gamut, with many vile monsters, many kind-hearted ones, and many in the middle, and many monsters (especially succubi) are quite happy to find compromises that allow them to meet consenting partners.
  • A Man Is Not A Virgin: Subverted. Luka's first real intercourse (that doesn't result in a Game Over) is near the end of Part 2.
  • And I Must Scream: Frederika. Having died of a disease her body is used as a basis for Chrome's ultimate zombie presumably going under some serious Body Horror in the process. When Luka fights her it becomes clear that her mind and soul is still there and very much aware as she manages several moments of clarity throughout the battle and uses them to beg Luka to kill her. Ultimately she gets to die peacefully afterwards.
  • Art Shift: Most of the major characters and some of the standard monsters have much more impressive artwork than most due to differing artists. Sometimes this is themed; the enemies in the haunted mansion appear to be watercolors or something.
    • Art Evolution: Part 2 has much better art than Part 1. Luka's character portrait even looks Badass.
  • Asskicking Equals Authority: The Monster Lord is chosen by taking all the applicants and having them fight each other. Explicitly justified since there are powerful monsters out there, and if the Monster Lord wasn't the strongest, there would be no way to keep them in line. It is also noted that the daughter of every Monster Lord since the first has come out on top, a fact Alice takes great pride in.
  • Attack Of The 50 Foot Whatever: A giant sandworm girl. She rapes Luka by simply picking him up and sucking on him like a lollipop.
    • Also the Koryuu, a giant dragon turtle which likewise takes Luka in her mouth and sucks on him.
  • Author Appeal: Obviously for Cute Monster Girls, but special mention should go to the sheer amount of tentacles and soft core vore.
  • Awesome But Impractical: Quadruple Giga. Could OHKO any monster you meet till the end of Part 2, but takes 4 rounds to charge and fails if you're attacked in that time.
  • Babies Ever After: With the harpies, the kitsunes and the slug girl if you lose to them-- among many others. Luka even remarks in some cases that it isn't so bad. The game's epilogue also makes it very clear that Alice is pregnant with she and Luka expecting twins.
  • Battle Couple: The ending of Part 2 implies that Luka and Alice will be this in Part 3. And they are, but they just never get the chance to actually say "I love you" until the end of the game what with sudden insanity brought on by Ilias' war against humanity.
  • Battle Strip / One Winged Angel: When Lamia in the first chapter, Alma Elma and Tamamo in the second, go all-out in their final battles against Luka, they strip down to the nude. It's probably symbolic of them shedding everything tying them down and showing Luka what they really are capable of...although there might be other reasons. Tamamo puts them on again before using her final attack, though. This will count for Ilias at the end of Part 3.
  • Better Than A Bare Bulb: There is a lot of Lampshade Hanging about [=RPGs=].
  • Big Bad: The Monster Lord. Or so Luka thinks at first. In reality it's Ilias.
  • Big Eater: Alice.
  • Bi The Way: The Scorpion Girl seems just as content with raping girls as she is with raping guys.
    • Sara's in love with Granberia, but doesn't seem to have a problem giving Luka a blowjob as a reward for his help.
    • Surprisingly enough Granberia herself seems to be bi. Her duels with Alma always end in losses that steadily change to sex, Alma is the one who took Granberia's virginity, and it's pretty heavily implied she keeps challenging Alma to duels because she loves it. Luka has an opportunity to peek in on one of these duels not knowing what happens and it turns out to be Granberia's FOURTY THIRD loss in a row.
  • Blood Knight: Granberia. She is of the Would Not Shoot A Civilian variety and doesn't actually kill anyone. She is also one of the few enemies that doesn't use "pleasure" attacks against Luka and actually fights him.
  • Blood Splattered Warrior: Alice's state after fighting and killing dozens if not hundreds of chimera monsters. She even notes none of the blood on her is her own.
  • Body Horror: The Chimera Dryad.
    • The Suck Vore is created from a human woman. We get to see the process in the recent patch.
  • Bolivian Army Cliffhanger: In Part 2.
  • Bonus Boss: The Doppelganger, added in an update to the English version of the game and unlocked by completing the Monsterpedia.
  • Boring But Practical: Plot-wise. The Enrikan Shirt looks like a mundane shirt, but is really the best piece of protection gear in Iliasburg weapon shop. Most heroes (Including Luka, at first) ignore it in favor of something cooler.
    • In-game, the Meditation skill. It restores your health. It is required for 95% of the battles after you obtain it.
  • Boss Rush: Against the four knights at the end of the sequel, and this time, they're not holding back.
    • Repeated again at the climax of chapter 3 with Eden, Promestein, three whole fights with Black Alice, and finally two battles with Ilias. And the last fight with Ilias is VERY long.
  • Breaking The Fourth Wall: All the time.
  • Break The Cutie: Luka gets rather broken on many emotional fronts throughout the story.
  • Brutal Honesty: Many examples, both straight and subverted.
    • In a succubus village:
      Soldier A: I came to defend this village! Even if I'm left completely exhausted, I won't regret it!
      Alice: ...Damn pervert.
      Soldier B: I came here to have sex with a Succubus! If I'm left completely exhausted, that will be my reward!
      Alice: ...Damn honest.
  • Calling Your Attacks.
  • Calling Your Orgasms.
  • The Cameo: Patch 2.05 adds Ika Musume. While she's a complete pushover, she does have higher quality art and more rape scenes than most monsters.
  • Cap: Fight with cursed book pages consists of Page 17, Page 257 and Page 65537. They are all common powers of two, plus one.
  • Cape Wings: The loli Vampire Girl has them, although she isn't particularly badass.
  • Catch Phrase:
    Ilias: Oh brave Luka...
    Alice: Hora hora...
  • Chandlers Law: Most of the conversations end with "and then a monster appeared."
  • Chekhovs Gun: Many.
    • The massacre at Remina, apparently perpetrated by monsters against humans. Alice later reveals that the monsters cohabiting the town were also killed, leaving the exact details of the event a mystery. In second chapter, Luka can visit the ruin of Remina and find some angel's feathers there, along with few Chimera Beasts. If there's any doubt,if Luka doesn't kill Alice, Ilias will say she have to do it again. Then angelic attack on Monster Lord castle start, and it's clear no ordinary monsters stand a chance against angels.
    • Luka's mother's ring, which is brought up multiple times and from which Alice feels no magic whatsoever. Tamamo points out in the second chapter that this kind of ring always emits some magic power, so it's actually odd that it doesn't.
    • The mystery behind Luka's powers that he can only use while unconscious.
    • The orbs, two of which can be found during the first chapter. Alice reacts to the discovery of the first with some concern, but says it's OK so long as there's only one. It may be fortunate for Luka that she isn't with him when he receives the second. Their actual function involves some kind of "Holy Wings." In second chapter, they're used to summon Garuda.
    • The scientist who comes to visit Chrome at the haunted mansion and Lily at the witch mansion. In second chapter, she's Promesthein, The Dragon to Ilias.
    • How could Tamamo possibly know a spell that temporarily reverses the effect of the seal put on Alice? The seal hasn't been up long enough to research it that intensely and it's only other use in history was to seal Aliphese the First and the original monsters, the Six Ancestors. The only way Tamamo could possibly know enough about the seal to reverse it briefly is--OH SHIT.
  • Chronic Hero Syndrome
  • Contractual Genre Blindness: Luka is more often this than Dangerously Genre Savvy. He knows that acting like an Idiot Hero is well... idiotic, but it's often the right thing to do!
  • Controllable Helplessness: Take a hit from certain moves, and you can't get free no matter how many times you tell Luka to struggle.
  • Corrupt The Cutie: Many, many Monsters do this to Luka if they get their hands on him.
    • Can even happen to the PLAYER.
    • Sara in part 2
  • Crapsack World: Nevermind monster girls raping every man in their sight, morals and racism are getting more and more rotten in this game. Gee, thanks a lot, Ilias Kreuz!
  • Creepy Child: The first impression you will get from Chrome, and It Got Worse.Black Alice is just as bad.
  • Creepy Doll: The Cursed Doll in haunted house. As well as Gnome's Mud Dolls.
  • Crucified Hero Shot: One of the preview [=CGs=] for part 3 shows Luka being held in such a pose by angels while being raped.
  • Crystal Dragon Jesus: The religion that worships Ilias.
  • Curb Stomp Battle: Monsters often tend to underestimate Luka. Especially when he's asleep.
    • Picking a fight with Alice or Tamamo will grant Luka a quick defeat.
  • Cute And Psycho: Cupid from the end of second chapter, has a full dose of moe, a playful smile, and has way too much fun killing monsters.
  • Cute Monster Girl: The entire game revolves around them.
    • Your Mileage May Vary on the "cute" part for many of them. Some are cute, some are sexy, some are so-so and some are downright Nightmare Fuel.
  • Deconstruction: Takes every cliche about role playing games and their hentai variants, lampshades and mocks every one of them, and then takes them apart and shows how it would really work if those cliches were actually played for story drama, all the time being very aware of how it still plays those cliches straight and often pokes fun at itself.
  • Determinator: During the final battle with Ilias Granberia absolutely REFUSES to retreat or allow herself to collapse. Even long after she should have withdrawn she's ignoring Luka and Alice's begging her to withdraw, continues to use Vaporizing Rebellion Sword relentlessly, and is taking hit after hit after hit from a supercharged Ilias. She doesn't stop until she passes out from being a hair away from dying and Micaela arrives to smack Ilias around a little before escaping with Granberia in tow. Holy. Fucking. Shit.
  • Did You Just Flip Off Cthulu: Luka, after refusing to kill Alice and hearing Ilias's arguments, mostly consisting of invoking an Omniscient Morality License, not tells her, the goddess that everyone worships, that she's the real obstacle to piece, but takes a swing at her with his sword and after dodging her Bolt Of Divine Retribution, taunts her and says she's not used to anybody still standing after she tries to smite them.
  • Game Two Final Dungeon: You reach the monster lord castle at the end of the second game in the trilogy.
  • The Ditz: The Kraken at the bottom of the Sea Temple. Unlike most sea creatures she's pretty friendly, but has a tendency to jump to conclusions, leading to a boss battle. Later hinted that she might not be so ditzy after all.
    • Sylph is quite an airhead too.
  • Does Not Know Her Own Strength: It is all too easy for Ilias to accidentally squish your level one arse into paste with her little finger in the tutorial if you don't tell her not to.
  • Double Standard Rape Female On Male: You wouldn't be playing it otherwise. In the first chapter alone, Alice forces herself on Luka three times (each increasingly intimate), although whether Luka actually has a problem with it remains to be seen.
    • Near the end of Part 2, they finally have sex. It's still presented as rape.
  • Elemental Powers: The elemental spirits and the Four Heavenly Knights. The bandits go for the theme, but don't quite pull it off.
    • Blow You Away: Hee. Sylph, the great spirit of wind and Alma Elma, the Succubus of the Heavenly Knights.
    • Dishing Out Dirt: Gnome, the great spirit of earth and Tamamo, the Kitsune of the Heavenly Knights.
    • Making A Splash: Undine, the great spirit of water and Erubetie, the Slime of the Heavenly Knights.
    • Playing With Fire: Salamander, the great spirit of fire and Granberia, the Dragon of the Heavenly Knights.
  • Engagement Challenge: Many monster races have some sort of requirement before marriage can happen. Luka actually ends up assisting in two different ones.
    • Alice will only marry a man stronger than her. So Luka qualifies now.
  • Even The Girls Want Her: Granberia, unbeknownst to her.
  • Everything Trying to Rape You: Except Granberia, as long as you don't lose to her.
    • The Dragon Pup is also an exception unless you lose, as well - this may be the case for all dragons, as they are warriors at heart.
  • Expecting Someone Taller: An early side-quest involves defeating a group of Monster Girl bandits that includes a vampire and a dragon. All of them are kids. Also Tamamo, after hard battle against Nanabi, Luka was surprised to see her as a cute little girl.
  • Explosive Breeder: Harpies are explicitly stated to be an example.
    • But they got nothing on the Beelzebubs. If the 3 sealed on Selene's ship had broken free, they apparently would have overrun the entire world in short order.
  • Fake Difficulty: Prominent in the first game, irritatingly common in the second. Notably, in some battles of Part 2, no matter how cautious the player plays, your survival hinges on Sylph's dodge buff - which triggers completely at random. Thankfully this was cut back severely for chapter 3. There are still some random elements in play, but Serene Mind and Fallen Angel Dance are much more reliable than they were before.
  • Fake Ultimate Hero: Many baptized heroes are in for profit and not being so brave. Many characters acknowledge this.
    • Luka's repeatly called this by Alice. Ironically, he's more heroic than any H-Game hero can be.
  • Fallen Hero/The Paragon Always Rebels: Deconstructed with Luka. It runs in his family. On both sides.
  • Fan Nickname: Some have taken to call Luka "Lukafer".
  • Fan Translation: Could almost be considered an adaptation, as the translator also tried his best to fix issues with saving the game on non-japanese systems.
  • Foreshadowing: Fairies can only been seen by those with weak faith in Illias. Luka meets several, though there may be other forces at play.
  • Four Is Death: The Four Heavenly Knights/Shitenno.
  • Fourth Wall Observer: A few members of the main cast and recurring characters.
    • Amira the Unfortunate Lamia, and by extension Luka.
      Luka: Why is she posing like that?
      Amira: I don't have a choice. I only have this one picture. Also, in this position, I can keep my eye on the 'skip' button.
      Luka: Hey! Don't talk about your own CG!
    • Alice ridicules the character for maintaining a useless technique on his skill bar.
    • There's a scholar in San Illia who mentions that he's found a passage in a book stating that anyone who annoys Illias with repeated 'Evaluation Meetings' will be punished. Of course, he has no idea what that means, so it's more like he's just noticed the Fourth Wall.
    • Ilias is also aware of the Fourth Wall.
      Ilias: Remember Luka, I will always be watching over you. Even in the configuration screen.
  • God Is Evil: Ilias.
  • God Of Evil: The first Monster Lord, whose Alice mention during the Haunted House quest. Ilias as well.
  • Good Is Not Dumb: Luka, in spite of Alice's first impression.
  • Good Thing You Can Heal: The skill you use most throughout the game is Meditation, which regenerates half your health.
  • Grey And Gray Morality: On the one hand, many of the monsters really are dangerous, ranging from the simply jerkass to Always Chaotic Evil beings like the Ropers. On the other, Ilias's religion is driving many species to extinction, and even docile monsters like Mermaids are the target of pro-Ilias terrorists.
  • Guide Dang It: A lot of fights have attacks that will instantly defeat you if you don't already know what you need to do to avoid them. Fortunately, the guide is inbuilt in the form of Evaluations - when you lose, Ilias will brief you on the opponent that defeated you and give you detailed instructions on how to win. There are two occasions when Ilias deliberately misleads you, because the "correct" path is in direct conflict with her own interests. The first is at the turning point of the game, where Ilias orders Luka to kill his Love Interest Alice; the second occurs if you lose to Ilias herself, who will unsurprisingly not provide any useful advice on her own strengths and weaknesses.
    • The second Granberia fight. To win, you have to use three out of five currently available special attacks, and you have just about enough time to build up enough SP to use them. And it's not entirely clear which ones you are meant to use. (To be honest, though, moderately obvious which specials you are supposed to use, since the three you're supposed to use are the only ones that actually cause damage).
  • H Game POV Character: Type I for Luka.
  • Half Human Hybrid: Averted. Most children between monster girls and human males are monster girls, though a human male may rarely be born. There is also a chance that the human male may inherit his mother's ability to use magic.
    • The royal family of Sabasa are descendants of the Sphinx.
    • Alice can't detect any monster powers in Luka... because it's implied he's descended from a fallen angel, not a monster.
  • Harder Than Hard: Hell difficulty. Only accessible through the Encyclopedia and the outcome is mostly based on pure luck.
    • The Mimic, fortunately an optional encounter.
  • Have A Nice Death: Ilias will always provide helpful advice whenever you get a bad end, but, humorously, as time goes on she becomes more and more suspicious that you're losing on purpose, and her comments only get funnier.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Alice's mother, the previous Monster Lord. When heroes approached the castle, she went out alone to meet them knowing that they would kill her, but hoping that they'd spread her final message of peace to the world. It almost worked.
    • Again with Alice herself in a deliberate reenactment at the end of Part 2, this time with Luka as the hero. More of a Self Sacrifice Scheme when it's revealed that she's been carrying the baggage of her mother's death with her all along. Luka points out that it's more of a Senseless Sacrifice, since during their travels together, they've seen plenty of evidence that the killing will only increase afterward.
    • Played straight by the pirate queen Selene. After opening a certain box and unleashing a trio of voracious fly-demons, she threw up a barrier around her ship, sealing herself, her crew, and the demons within. Alice remarks that given the Beelzebub monster's high reproduction rate, this act in all likelihood saved the world.
  • Hey You: Alice initially addresses Luka with 'kisama'. This is either archaic and very polite or incredibly disrespectful and offensive. Given Alice's personality, it could be either one (but more likely the latter).
  • Hopeless Boss Fight: Tamamo in her first appearance, and the Sphinx. Both are optional though. Played with on numerous occasions when it's made clear that you can't actually defeat the boss, you just have to wait out the fight until something happens.
    • Both fights against Alice in the first game are optional and unwinnable. In the second game, you face her for real.
    • Fights against the four knights always seem hopeless and you usually can't defeat them normally.
  • How Unscientific: Alice repeatedly says that things like ghosts are superstitions and not real. Hearing that from the Monster Lord makes it only more ridiculous. Then we find out she is strikingly scared of ghosts.
  • Idiot Hero: Luka. It's mostly due to a lack of worldly knowledge, however.
  • I Love The Dead: Not by choice. Lose to any of the undead enemies in the game and you are (naturally) raped; lose to Frederika and you're locked in a dark room with her for a full year, being forcefully kept alive and raped every second of every day for eternity.
    • Although with the Zombie girls, Luka quickly begins to enjoy the fact there's many of them.
  • It Was With You All Along: The Monster Lord Though this is revealed a lot earlier than one would expect.
    • The princess of Sabasa as well.
    • Yet again in part 2 with the ghost of Selene.
  • Karmic Death: Cassandra. The monster who devoured hundreds of men and even her own daughter is devoured by her own body when Alice turns her attack against her. Luka is immobilized during this and thus not able to use his usual merciful methods.
  • Kid Hero: Luka. There are also kid villains, the Four Bandits -- which are, of course, taken all but seriously.
  • Kleptomaniac Hero: Discussed. One of the benefits of bring a hero blessed by Illias is the ability to go into homes and take stuff.
    Luka: Being a Hero has a lot of perks, you know. You get the respect of the people, cheap rates at inns, and you can even walk into people's houses and take stuff!
    Alice: Walk into people's houses and take things...? Are you a thief or something?
    Luka: There have been some who have abused that privilege. I don't think someone like that is a true hero, though.
  • Legal Jailbait: Many of the monsters are very young-looking, but are Older Than They Look. Most prominently Tamamo.
  • Level Drain: The Lencubus from the sequel does this if she manages to pin you down. The Succubus Witch has the same capability.
  • Light Is Not Good: Ilias, though it takes quite a while to become apparent.
  • Loophole Abuse: Alice wants to have sex with Luka, but he objects, as Ilias forbade sex with monsters. So Alice shifts into her human form. Luka still objects, but Alice rapes him anyway.
    • Hinted in Chrome's profile. She promised Luka she wouldn't experiment with corpses again, so she began researching ghosts instead.
  • Magitek: Used in Grangold Castle. Provided by Promestein.
  • Mad Scientist: Chrome and Lily.
  • The Many Deaths Of You: No rape scene is the same. Every single monster girl has different plans for you, with some dragging you off as a slave (or even a husband!) rather than raping you to death/eating you.
    • Also, you can get a game over within two choices, and about five lines. How? Ignore a Goddess.
    • Several monsters have two rape scenes, as well. A few have three.
    • It's possible to die three times before actually fighting a monster.
  • Mayfly December Romance: Any relationship between a monster and human is this, unless the monster chooses to seal herself and become a human.
    • This is Played For Drama with the relationship between the first king of Sabasa and The Sphinx. She could have turned him into a monster, but he refused. She could have sealed herself into a human and died with him, but she was scared of death and that any memory of him will be gone from this world. So she took a third option and decided to live without him.
    • Fridge Logic: But if all monsters are immortal or even only extremely long-lived, why is the harpy village depopulation issue so serious? It seemed like they needed children then and there or they would go extinct, which implies the death rate had exceeded the birth rate. Unless only the more powerful monsters like Alice and the Sphinx are immortal, in which case it makes more sense.
  • Mermaid Problem: Does not apply; every girl is fully functional, although their sexual organs are often somewhat different from those of a human. Not that anyone cares. The more human-looking monsters, like lamias, are pretty much humans with monster bits tacked on, so it makes sense for them to be compatible with humans.
  • Monster Lord: Referred to by this name specifically.
  • Mood Whiplash:
    • The Haunted House subquest swing back-and-forth between horror of Chrome's animated dead, and funny moments of Alice being scare of ghost.
  • Ms Fanservice: Alice, naturally. She has a stonking great rack, a very shapely form and wears very little in her human form. As well as a badass tattoo. She also regularly "milks" Luka.
    • Not that she wears much more in her monster girl form either, and of course a flower girl asks if she and Alice work in the same profession.
  • Multi Boobage: Less than you might expect, although the Tarantula girl does have 3 pairs of breasts on the underside of her spider body, as well as the pair on her human torso.
    • The Cerberus in part 2 has 3 pairs of breasts to go with her 3 heads. She also has even more nipples below them.
    • Taken to its logical extreme by the Beelzebubs, whose abdomens are covered in many pairs of giant breasts.
    • The chimera monsters infesting the ruins of Remelia.
  • Noble Demon: Granberia. She seems to avoid lethal attacks against unworthy opponents and despises those who attack the weak.
  • Nonindicative Name: The Four Heavenly Knights serve the Monster Lord, not Ilias like the name implies.
    • Also, Angel Halo is an Obviously Evil Impossibly Cool Weapon.
    • It's called Angel Halo because it's forged from 666 angels fused together.
      • And as an obvious ShoutOut to Mobile Suit Victory Gundam.
    • Also, the Suck Vore's defeat scene isn't actually a vore scene. No, seriously.
  • Non Mammal Mammaries: Plants, spiders and books pretty much all have breasts.
  • Nonstandard Game Over: There's a few.
    • Pissing off Ilias can kill you in three different ways before you even enter combat (one of them within a minute of starting the game).
    • Running away from Granberia makes Luka give up on his quest.
    • Not obtaining Poseidon's Bell from Tamamo strands Luka without any way to get to the next area.
    • At the end of part 2, you're urged to kill Alice by both Ilias and Alice herself. For once, the game will actually allow you to follow through with it. Ilias is so delighted that she takes Luka up to heaven and has sex with him forever. Not really a bad ending for Luka, but since the entire rest of the plot is triggered by Ilias's furious reaction to Luka betraying her, the story's still definitely over.
  • Not Quite Back To Normal: The "Witch Hunt" sidequest involves a witch turning human girls into tentacled monsters. After the witch is defeated, Luka apparently "seals" the girls' transformations... except not really, and they still can sprout tentacles]] at will.
    • Something similar happens with Succubus Village, where Alice's revitalizing spell (which she uses to attempt to heal up the men who were attacked) accidentally unseals all the Succubi Luka spent the entire quest sealing up. Apparently, once someone becomes a monster, the change is irreversible, and can only be mitigated at best. This has interesting implications in a later sidequest, too.
  • Not So Different: Illias Kreuz's anti-monster terrorist Lazarus to Luka.
    • A better example would be Luka and Lily. Both were outcasts in their own villages, and both were persecuted by others at a young age.
    • As lampshaded later, Luka and Alice.
  • Obviously Evil: Any sword skill that Alice teaches Luka since they are monster skills. Like many other things, this is lampshaded. The sword that Alice gives Luka early on takes this trope Up To Eleven since it is made out of 666 melted angels.
    • Though given who the angels work for it might not be so evil.
  • Oddly Shaped Sword: The Angel Halo.
  • Ominous Save Prompt: In the translation you can only save at specific places, usually before battles. This is due to a technical difficulty involving the game engine refusing to play nice with English text. Most ways of bypassing this problem can result in save corruption, so the translator put these in mostly for convenience's sake. The fact that they double as a battle warning is just a pleasant side-effect.
  • Omniscient Morality License: Ilias tries to invoke this when Luka refuses to kill Alice, but Luka promptly calls her out for it.
  • Out Of The Inferno: The Chimera Dryad after being hit with Alice's Omega Fire spell. Oh Crap ensues.
  • Out With A Bang: Even the monsters that only want to eat Luka have sex with him before doing so (Or even while doing so).
  • Palette Swap: The uncorrupted Elf you meet in Sylph's forest uses the same model as the Dark Elf Fencer you met earlier in the game, although they changed a few details like the clothes, hairsyle and weapon, as well as the obvious skin tone shift. Even the hentai CG is the exact same pose.
    • More prominent in the sequel, where single-color translucent silhouettes of monster girls are presented in various parts.
  • Poor Communication Kills:
    • One of the reasons for the decline in human-monster relations in recent times.
    • The reason for the boss fight with the Kraken, thanks to the fact that she is The Ditz.
    • Despite appearing near the very end of the first game, Gnome can be seen hitting Sylph twice before that game's end. Her profile notes that she just doesn't know how to express her feelings (and Sylph still considers her as her best friend).
      • To be fair, the other spirits pick on her too.
  • Porn With Plot: It's not hard to find fans that would play this game without any sex scenes. A search for people who would prefer it like that is currently underway.
  • Press X To Die: Surprisingly often, though occasionally, Stupidity Is The Only Option is played straight instead. It all depends whether or not the morally right choice is the only logical choice or an illogical one.
    • There also is the "suicide for fun" variety in that you can request a monster to use an attack on you until you are defeated. This however is reserved for replaying the game or choosing a fight from the encyclopedia and sometimes invokes a sexy or snarky comment from the monster at hand as well.
  • Public Domain Soundtrack: Several pieces of music in the game are famous pieces of classical music:
  • Puzzle Boss: Several encounters boil down to this, and a majority of fights require you to perform certain actions (especially once you have Sylph and Gnome's abilities, which can block instant-death attacks and let you escape from binds more quickly respectively). Granberia is the most common opponent to be fought like this.
  • Rape Is Ok When It Is Female On Male: You wouldn't be playing it otherwise. In the first chapter alone, Alice forces herself on Luka three times (each increasingly intimate), although whether Luka actually has a problem with it remains to be seen.
    • There is only one scene in the entire first game where a monster girl tries to rape a woman. it turns out to be a trick, the woman is another monster girl in disguise and attacks right after.
      • There are three instances of straight up girl on girl rape in chapter 3. Two elves get raped during the first battle of Enrika and during the second battle of Witch Hunt Village an angel falls into an Iron Maiden V2 which wastes no time in going to work on her. The scene with Alma and Granberia COULD be interpreted as such, but from the sound of it Granberia is letting it happpen, likes it, and does a really bad job of hiding it..
  • Really Seven Hundred Years Old: Several of the more powerful monsters are this, most notably Tamamo. Alice and Granberia, however, are subversions. Everyone (including Luka) thinks they have to be a couple centuries old, at least, but in the second game they're revealed to be only twenty-two and twenty-five respectively.
    • Tamamo is in fact the oldest living monster active in the story, being one of the original six ancestors.
  • Redemption Equals Death: Lazarus in chapter 3. Even if Luka can't bring himself to forgive Lazarus for killing his father he does know that in the end Lazarus died protecting people from humanity's true enemies, and respects his final wish to be buried next to Marcellus.
  • Roaring Rampage Of Revenge: In the second game, the plant and insect monsters of Plansect Forest are in the middle of a civil war. After talking to the plant monsters, Luka carves his way to the leader of the insects and seals her. [The plants then start killing the defeated insects, claiming it is their right as victors. Luka goes ballistic, and seals everyone.
    • It happens again in chapter 3 when Luka finds his home town completely annihilated. The angel responsible comes down to taunt him about it causing Luka to go completely berserk and finally awaken his angel powers.
  • Save The Princess: Even Luka calls it a cliche. Subverted since the princess wasn't kidnapped in the first place and is actually a Badass Princess. Played straight, when the reason for Sara's crush on the dragon, Granberia, becomes apparent, which Luka also calls cliche.
    • Of course, Badass Princess or not, Sara is a great deal weaker than the superhuman Luka, so you're still mostly on your own. Nevermind not nearly as well-equipped.
      • You even get an achievement if you somehow manage to get Sara to kill a monster.
    • Played straight in the second game where she actually is kidnapped by monsters and you have to rescue her.
  • Schmuck Bait: The Imp. It's so weak (especially compared to Luka) that she actually offers sexual favors to Luka as a bribe to not hurt her. However, if you allow her to actually have sex with Luka, she catches him in an inescapable attack and defeats him, mocking him for being so stupid as to lose to someone as weak as her.
    • Any and every offer Luka recieves to meet with someone in private during the epilogue. It's a test from Tamamo to see if he can resist temptation and is worthy of being wed to Alice...not that it would stop her or anyone else from taking him as a husband if he DOES fall for it...
  • Screen Shake: Strong attacks give the screen a good dosing of this, usually accompanied by a loud crash.
  • Sdrawkcab Name: Amira the Lamia. The kana used for lamia in Japanese is (ramia). Reverse the order and you get (amira).
  • Sealed Badass In A Can: Tamamo is one of the Six Ancestors, one of the original monsters created by the very first monster lord and the one who created the Word of Dispel capable of negating the seal that imprisoned them all away hundreds of thousands of years ago. During the brief moments where Tamamo accesses her full, unrestricted abilities at the end of chapter three her power completely eclipses Luka and Alice's, and is capable of fighting Ilias on almost even ground until the Word of Dispel wears off.
  • Sequel Difficulty Spike: Justified in that Part 1 can be linked to (and played through) in Part 2 as a double campaign, and the same goes for part 3.
  • Single Gender Race: All monster girls, obviously.
  • Slap Slap Kiss: For all the abuse Luka has to suffer from Alice, she is actually rather fond of him, and he warms up to her as well. By the end of the sequel, they're more or less a couple, and by the end of part 3 they're married and expecting twins.
  • Something Completely Different: Just to really mess with the player's mind, the one and only human-on-human h-scene is by far the most jarring in the whole game. It's not just the contrast with the monster girl sex previously... it's also the fact that the girl isn't into guys in the first place.
    • Debatable. Sara fell in love with Granberia because she saved her and because she admires her strength. Luka's comments give the impression that she hasn't even considered the fact that they're both girls. Or possibly she's just bi. She doesn't seem to have any qualms with having sex with Luka and marrying him in the epilogue of Luka finally relents to King Sabasa's offer.
  • Sorting Algorithm Of Evil: It's pretty convenient for Luka that that the first two elementals, Sylph and Gnome, are lacking at combat experience. Sylph, the first one, even has no offensive ability.
    • Luka promptly lampshades it, when it's subverted with one of the Heavenly Knights appearing in the first city he visits.
  • The Sphinx: Who, of course, uses The Riddle Of The Sphinx. Even Luka Lampshades how everyone knows the answer to that riddle. The riddle is used to illustrate how short the human life is compared to a monsters and the issues of a Mayfly December Romance.
  • Story Breaker Power: If Luka fought asleep all the time he would never lose. Is actually invoked by Alice when the Kraken creates an impenetrable shield. Luka's Superpowered Sleeping Side smashes it in one attack.
    • By the end of the sequel, Luka is already many times more powerful than his sleeping self in the first game ever was, dwarfing even Alice, meaning that no monster on the face of the planet could possibly defeat him. Of course, Ilias's angels and the first Monster Lord's archfiends and elite monsters are also many times stronger than regular monsters, so it kind of evens out.
    • Explained in chapter 2: Using Lukafer mode in excess will eventually consume Luka and turn him into a being of pure holy energy.
      • And at the climax of chapter 3 it's just about to happen when, dying and having realized she went about everything wrong, Ilias' first and last benevolent act towards him is to reverse the process entirely.
  • Super Deformed:
    • The elementals have this as one of their poses.
    • The Four Bandits as well.
    • Even Alice, but only when she's really, really scared.
    • Tamamo has one near the end.
  • Superpowered Evil Side: If Luka ever happens to fall asleep, RUN.
    • It turns out it's not evil at all. Luka is half angel on account of his fallen angel mother and his holy abilities finally awaken properly in chapter 3 when he sees his hometown annihilated and the angel responsible makes the mistake of taunting him about it.
  • Supervillain Lair: Luka's surprised the monster Lord's castle does look pretty normal. Alice then asks why she would choose to live in an unpleasant looking place.
  • Swallowed Whole: There are so many vore scenes that the game gives you the option to turn them off. Special mention goes to the Suck Vore though.
  • Sword Of Plot Advancement: Parodied with the Goddess Sword. Alice politely shows how useless it is to Luka by shattering it, so Luka doesn't have to go through the trouble of getting the blessing of the three sages. Played straight, however, with the Angel Halo Blade.
  • Sword Over Head: When he finally confronts Lazarus near the end of Chapter Two and learns the truth about his father an enraged Luka grabs his iron sword and raises it in preparation to kill him via Sword Plant.
  • Taking You With Me: When she realizes she's losing her battle with Luka, Erubetie grabs hold and prepares to turn herself into a hydrogen bomb (!) to take him down. He does manage to talk her out of it.
  • Tenchi Solution: How the Harpy Village quest is resolved.
  • Testosterone Poisoning: The King of Sabasa. He looks like a blonde, bearded Bang Shishigami!
  • The Theme Park Version: In-universe example. As story progress, Luka realize how much the legend of the Hero Heinrich was distorted. For example, his Weapon Of Choice was Angel Halo, not the Goddess Sword.
  • Took A Level In Badass: The Crab Girl comes back in chapter two for a rematch, mentioning that she's been training ever since her previous sealing so as to defeat Luka.
  • Tsundere:
    • Alice. She starts to slide into Defrosting Ice Queen territory fairly quickly though, and she's more of a Jerk Ass than just plain cruel.
    • Granberia becomes this in chapter two. Lose to her, and she'll start blushing before she rapes him. In fact, the whole H-scene feels like one big deredere moment for Granberia, especially the way it ends.
    • Luka toward Alice as well.
  • The Unchosen One: Luka fails to become an official hero within minutes of the game. It doesn't stop him from trying to slay the Monster Lord and achieve his dream of trying to bring peace between monsters and humans.
    • Made even more interesting in that Ilias always reminds Luka that he IS The Chosen One, even though her absence was the very reason he didn't become an official hero. We find out in part 3 that she couldn't come to baptise him because Alice wounded her.
  • There Is No Kill Like Overkill: Using the Quadruple Giga against the Imp or Tamamo. One is the weakest enemy in both parts and will stand still absolutely terrified of the building power of the skill. The other will be so weakened that she won't be able to put up any defense and a normal attack will be enough to defeat her.
    • To elaborate, the imp will be at first confused of you using so much magic against her, then she will be frightened the moment she understands what are you about to do, and in the final moments, she will try to run away from you.
    • "Even the imp's scream is sealed"
  • Useless Useful Spell: Undine and Salamander. Completely useless when you get them and even after their first upgrades they still have huge downsides.
    • Once you get their second upgrades, however, they become Game Breakers- or they would be if you weren't by that stage fighting opponents powerful enough to NEED it!
  • Video Game Cruelty Potential: Imp, meet Quadruple Giga. You even get an achievement for it.
    • You can also use it on Tamamo and Alice while they are down.
  • Wham Episode: The end of part 2 and beginning of part 3. After Luka refuses to kill Alice, Ilias declares war on the surface world. The mysterious Promestein and strange chimeric monsters are revealed at last; Promestein is an angel, and created the chimeras to serve in Ilias' army. It's shown that angels are immune to the attacks of humans and monsters, rendering resistance rather futile. Finally, Promestein demonstrates the power of her technology by sealing away Alice and cutting off Luka's powers, while her cyborg minions make short work of the Heavenly Knights. Oh Crap, indeed.
  • What Happened To The Mouse: Sara is seen following Granberia to the Monster Lord's castle towards the end of part 2. She is not mentioned again until over midway through chapter 3, and even then we never find out how Granberia reacted to Sara's confession of love.
  • What The Hell Player: Ilias's general reaction as you come to see her more and more often.
    • Hilariously, this is averted deep into Chapter Two when you lose to Beelzebub. She doesn't chastise you, as she can only stand there in Stunned Silence before sighing heavily and telling you what you need to know.
  • Why Did It Have To Be Ghosts?: Alice has a crippling fear of ghosts.
  • Woobie Destroyer Of Worlds: Lazarus, unexpectedly, once you learn his backstory.
    • Ilias, too.
  • Yandere: Ilias, both for Luka and for humanity as a whole. She's quite pleasant on the surface, and helps Luka out quite a bit near the start of the game, but when she realises that Luka's fallen in love with Alice, she denounces him and tries to kill him on the spot. On a larger scale, she's very upset that a lot of humans ignore her teachings and sleep with monsters... so she decides to wipe out the whole species and start over.
  • You Dont Want To Die A Virgin Do You: Near the end of the second chapter, Alice finally decides that since Luka's about to walk into the most dangerous place on the planet, she might as well do away with his Technical Virgin status. Not that she really gives him any choice. Turns out she was applying this to herself as well.
  • You Have Researched Breathing: Alice teaches Luka how to meditate to help Luka focus his mind in battle. She mentions how Fallen Angel Erigora had the ability to heal his wounds with meditation, but Lampshades how obviously of a lie it is. To her amazement and fear, meditation actually does heal Luka's wounds. Surprising almost no one, Luka turns out to be half-angel and awakens his powers fully early in chapter 3.


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