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The white upskirt

A specific variety of Fanservice, the Panty Shot, or panchira, is exactly what it sounds like: a gratuitous exposure of a female character's panties. Usually white, though stripes (shimapan) are popular recently...

Japanese society seems to have something of an obsession with panties, especially those of underage girls, and this practice either caters to it, reflects it, or both. Like most Fanservice, it is more Ecchi than Hentai.

This may have something to do with Japanese censorship laws regarding nudity. Since you cannot show a realistic bare crotch without lots of mosaic, uncomfortably tight undies give you about the clearest view allowable. However, the panties aren't usually that tight -- the focus seems to be on the panties themselves as an object of desire. After all, according to the Theiss Titillation Theory, hiding it just a little bit makes it more exciting than showing it out.

This form of Fanservice tends to be uncomfortable (and incomprehensible) to the poor souls accustomed to underwear exposition of the I See London variety. Often averted in Western animation, and some Japanese, by using a Magic Skirt or Modesty Shorts. See Innocent Panties for shots of panties that aren't made to be sexy or comedic, but to highlight the fact that the character is young, and innocent.

Not to be confused with what happens when you fire a .45 pistol at Panty.

Anime & Manga Edit


This is why you wear Modesty Shorts.

  • Mahoraba (pictured above) uses the idea for laughs usually without explicitly showing anything.
  • In Heroman, Lina gets a brief one in episode 5 while running through the subway. Considering the length of her skirt, it's no real surprise.
  • Ronin Warriors mostly averted this trope, but in more of an honorary use, there was a brief scene where Lady Kayura was nude, seen from the back, while she changed clothes.
  • Blue Seed actually turns it into a running gag, with the members of TAC running betting pools on what cute cartoon-character panties Momiji Fujimiya is wearing on any given day; it's a foregone conclusion that they'll be revealed by any manner of accident.
  • The first episode of Najica Blitz Tactics involves the titular heroine infiltrating a castle full of SMG toting maids. There are few shots in the episode which aren't upskirts. In fact, most of the series consists of the weirdest camera angles and character positions (specially after being knocked out) to guarantee a constant display of panty shots. The Collector's DVD even comes with actual panties.
  • Panty shots are a key element of the humor in Love Hina and Mahou Sensei Negima (both created by Ken Akamatsu), although far less prevalent in the anime than they are in the original manga.
  • The various versions of Agent Aika are so famous for this that the DVD trailer for one proclaims: "The girls and their panties are back!"
  • The girls of Strike Witches seem to be prime candidates for this. Some people think that they're actually wearing pants that look exactly like panties. Some people think that such a thought is the product of multiple word meanings and mistranslation. No matter how you slice it, someone with no knowledge of the show who just walked into the room as you're watching the show will call them panties.
  • Colorful is an entire series composed of 16 seven-minutes shorts dedicated to men obsessing over women's underwear, with plenty of panty shots.
  • Battle Of The Planets, a.k.a. Science Ninja Team Gatchaman, featured a panty shot in the opening montage of every episode.
  • Used and lampshaded early on in Initial D. As Takumi and Itsuki are, ahem, admiring the scenery at the bottom of the stairs, Itsuki wonders out loud why the school allows the girls to wear their skirts so short.
  • K-On! In the manga, there's a rather gratuitous panty-shot of Mio after their performance at the school cultural festival. The anime viewer doesn't get to see it, as Kyo Ani replaced that with a bowl of rice. Everybody in the auditorium, on the other hand....
  • Rosario+Vampire is built on panty shots -- at least one in every scene. The animators were already slightly overdoing it in the first season but the second one is definitely reaching Agent Aika levels of panty overkill. The manga has significantly less than the anime, and has a noticeable subversion with Moka's vampire form: her stock move is a kick to the face that throws up her skirt in a perfect opportunity for a panty shot, but the area underneath is completely blank.
  • The anime version of Tenjho Tenge actually increases the number of panty shots from the manga, but that's because the panty shots were used as substitutes for many of the this-side-of-porn nude scenes the manga was (in)famous for.
  • Kaere Kimura from Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei is accused by another character of being a "panty shot character", which, from the amount of panty shots she displays, goes from accuracy into (even further) parody.
  • Guaranteed in Hand Maid May, with the Girl Next Door (unknowingly) going to great lengths to show off her wardrobe.
  • Uta Kata has quite few of those, although they don't get much emphasis. It's still a weird match with the overall serious atmosphere of the show though.
  • The exploding-panties Transformation Sequence aside, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha has a few, but they're mostly of the blink-and-you'll-miss-it variety (the fact that our heroine wears a long skirt helps). The promotional images, however, tend to be pretty gratuitous in regards to these.
  • Happens pretty often in the Get Backers manga, especially to Himiko. It gets to the point where she's wearing a cheongsam slitted up past her hips on both sides, climbing a windy mountain ahead of Ban, and still goes tsun-tsun on him when he looks at the very detailed close-up provided. Himiko, sweetie, the only one you have to blame is yourself.
  • The Sailor Moon anime has a lot of these. Some of them are debatable as the Sailors themselves ARE simply wearing leotards, but they are sometimes shown depicted as embarrassed and sometimes not, so even the anime can't seem to decide if they're always going for the panty shot or not. There's also plenty of actual panty shots of characters that don't wear battle outfits. Most notorious is a gratuitous shot of Haruna-sensei's panties when Umino flicks up her skirt in front of her students, which took place in the second episode of the show. Naturally, these are all cut from the dub (including the * entire* second episode). And let's not forget how in the manga, they often flash the little petticoats they wear under their school skirts, like when Serena tries to use the Sailor V Kick on her brother. 'Nuff said.
  • One can't forget To Love Ru. If one were to play a drinking game with panty shots, one would die of alcohol poisoning. And it got progressively more common as the chapters progressed. Especially common in the sequel series Darkness.
  • Early on in Yu- Gi- Oh! (back when it wasn't about children's card games), Anzu talks to Yugi about how during an impromptu mixed basketball game, the boys would constantly pass the girls the ball so they peek up their skirts when they did a jump shot. Yugi is then shown smiling oddly and imagining someone's underwear ("Basketball is good!"). Also, Joey and Honda appear in a later chapter, shout "Panty tank!" and proceed to lift up Anzu's skirt. In class.
    • This is also averted weirdly in the later Duelist Kingdom arc -- Tea, Tristan, and Bakura climb up a rope to the top of a tower. Tea wants the two big, burly guys behind her to catch her if she falls[1]. But, of course, something wrong with that -- she's wearing a skirt. Tristan doesn't think of that at first, but Bakura explains it to him -- yet another one for Team Covert Pervert, I guess. So the two guys wear blindfolds.
  • Panty Shots are played straight both in the anime and manga of Ranma ½ -- like Kodachi's backflip during her introduction. They're unbelievably rare, though, unless the girl in question (usually, um, Ranma) is already down to nothing but underwear.
  • Is -- this manga has a lot of em.
  • Video Girl Ai, another Masakazu Katsura manga. He loves to indulge on these shots.
  • A-ko from Project A Ko is amazingly prone to this. Most infamous of all, falling from midair onto a fighter jet, so that she straddled the cockpit, giving the pilot a Heads-Up Display he would not soon forget.
  • Generally averted in the early parts of Kenichi The Mightiest Disciple in favor of the Most Common Superpower. It does come up once in a while, and Miu has been known to remark she hates fighting in a skirt due to the likelihood of it. Shigure, Ma Renka and Rachel Stanley all provide lots of panty shots. Usually caused by Clothing Damage or, in the case of Rachel Stanley, being an Attention Whore.
  • Everywhere in High School Girls.
  • When Hayate The Combat Butler is alone in the house with the (17-year-old) maid Maria, the two go on a walk. Hayate offers to show her his new technique... but it just blows up her skirt. Her happiness doesn't last for very long. Also, according to Miki, Hinagiku gets one off-screen. Hayate's Loli mistress Nagi provides the occasional panty-shot when she lazes at home reading manga or playing video-games; Hayate would inevitably chastise her for being unladylike.
  • In the later chapters of Code: Breaker, Aoba, who had so far only played the role of the main background character and the female leads best friend, suddenly became the main source of pantyshots in the manga.
  • In Trigun, Meryl Stryfe shoots a man using her feet while wearing a somewhat masculine nightshirt and no pants. His last words, "They were white..."
  • The very first shot of Great Teacher Onizuka is a Panty Shot. It's even before the OP!
  • Happens during three critical points during a fight between Fuko and Hisui in Flame Of Recca.
  • Played for chilling laughs in the last episode of Neon Genesis Evangelion.
  • In her first appearance in the anime, Dokkoida?! villain Eidelweiss has her dramatic entrance ruined by choosing a perch high above the heroes on a windy day.
  • There are a few panty shots of Misa in the Death Note manga.
    Sayu: Hey... is that Light's girlfriend...? I can see her panties...
  • Due to the show's focus on realism this happens more than a few times in Elfen Lied, even when it would have been much easier not to show anything.
  • Midori Days does this early on when someone cuts skirts on the train. Except for at the very end, this isn't played for laughs and the first victim is shown to be deeply embarrassed by this.
    • This also happens with other characters Lucy Winladd, who has her American Flag Panties quite clearly displayed when she accidentally crashes into Seiji. Also, for the audience, in one panel of Chapter 19 the character Shiori gives a small flash of a pair of bear panties.
    • Subverted later when a girl is confessing to Seiji and Midori accidentally catches a glimpse up her skirt . . . and sees briefs, cluing her in that the "girl" is actually Kouta in drag.
  • Kodomo No Jikan has dozens of these, beginning on the third page of the manga, when Aoki-Sensei walks in on his third grade class changing out of P.E. clothes. Various takes on the trope appear throughout the anime as well.
    • Many of the Panty Shots in the series are intentional ones courtesy of Rin, who enjoys flashing her teacher.
  • The story of Ichigo One Hundred Percent was basically engineered by one panty shot. One can assume that they don't stop after that.
  • The manga Ikki Tousen (known as Battle Vixens in the west) consists of about 70% panty shots, as it is everyone constantly beating each other up and most of the main characters are females (hence the English title) who wear short skirts and use kicks 80% of the time instead of other moves. It's even hinted that fighting (and winning) causes orgasms, so one of the girls (who starts as... well, a deranged pervert) actually puts people in submission holds and then rubs against them, using it as a sort-of masturbation technique.
  • Just try to find a picture by Tony Taka that doesn't feature this.
  • In Sonic X, there are seven panty shots at least -- one in each season -- Many of them Amy Rose -- and three of them are pantyless upskirts. one with panties and one without panties.
    • There is also a very close call to an Amy Rose upskirt in one episode, in which she, Cream and Cosmo are caught in a trap.
  • School Rumble has an episode where Tenma gets her friends to sleep over. At one point, Mikoto is shown stretching while wearing a long shirt and no pants. Her knees are apart. The result should be quite obvious.
  • Arcade Gamer Fubuki is solely predicated on the panty shot. The title character is an introverted girl in a standard pleated school dress who becomes an arcade game whiz when her panties (a special pair that is supposed to take in the essences of the world to give her power) are exposed. As she plays, her friend uses a battery-operated fan to blow her skirt up and while she's playing she stands upside down so her skirt will flip over.
  • Minamo from Real Drive gets a few, but seeing how short the skirt of her school uniform is and how much acrobatics she does that's hardly avoidable without resorting to Magic Skirts. She gets bonus points for not having the typical Bishoujo character design--she is actually rather plump.
  • Totally and skillfully averted in Angel Densetsu. Both Ryoko and Ikuno love high kicks but we see a grand total of five pantyshots in the whole 15 volumes of the series. And everything is done by camera angles rather than using a Magic Skirt. It's even lampshaded a couple of times.
  • Popotan has more of these an episode then most series can manage in entire seasons.
  • Bleach has been averting this for a while now, despite all the obvious chances they've had due to fighting in mid-air and several of the female characters wearing skirts instead of the usual shinigami pants. Now we finally get such a shot, and it's a lovely subversion.
    • Earlier, though, it was played pretty straight with this image. Not only the man, but look just to the right of Rukia's raised thigh...
    • And even earlier.
  • The most memorable one in Boku No Pico is when the boys are walking down the street in Pico x Coco x Chico, in cosplay, and Chico decides to walk on his hands briefly while in a dress.
  • Frequently Template:Subverted in Shikabane Hime, but only because the girls don't wear panties.
  • Miaka exhibits one in Fushigi Yuugi, with an astonished blink from Tamahome.
  • In Ergo Proxy the robot nurses appear to be wearing outfits that stop just short of fully covering their crotches. This seems somewhat out of place given the serious tone of the series.
  • The parody book "How NOT to Draw Manga" features an entire chapter on how to properly draw panty shots from the "Naughty Nor'easter" to the "Saffic Surprise."
  • My Wife Is A High School Girl uses this at least twice with the protagonist Asami, once when she tripped and somehow managed to land her bottom on her husband's face, and another when she bumped into a fellow classmate in the library causing her to fall with her legs spread open in front of him.
  • The opening credits to Kiteretsu Daihyakka, also by Fujiko Fujio, places Miyoko's pantsu on center stage at 0.32. Both the manga (1974) and the animated adaption (1988-1996) featured assorted panty-gags, though nowhere near as frequently as in Doraemon.
  • The frequent usage of this trope on the suspiciously childlike girls of Transformers: Kiss Players and 15 Go! Go! is one of its most common criticisms. Namely: Wheelie peeking up Teletraan 15's skirt, and Starscream's ghost possessing Atari while she's in the bathroom and neglecting to pull up her underwear.
  • In Fist Of The North Star: The Movie, Airi's panties can be briefly seen when she's knocked to the ground by Jagi.
    • The anime series has Lin's panties exposed on a few occasions, most notably in the first episode.
  • All over the place in Ladies Versus Butlers -- although it's aimed to be heavily ecchi anyway. However most of the exposure is while the characters are only partially dressed anyway. The accidental panty shots are a lot rarer - the school principal giving the audience one when she climbs over her desk.
  • Although none of the female characters are modestly dressed (even the nuns) "Greenback" Jane is the only character in Black Lagoon to have panty shots.
  • Basically anything produced by Studio Gainax will have plenty of these (example: This Ugly Yet Beautiful World).
  • The young schoolboys of Maicchingu Machiko Sensei constantly create ways to make their cute teacher's skirt fly up. Like at 2:06 of this video clip.
  • Viewers have a fair idea of what they're getting into when Yamada of B Gata H Kei draws attention to a chalkboard rendered image of herself giving one of these about half a minute into the shows opening theme.
  • Narue No Sekai occasionally pulls off some panty shots, especially in some of the eyecatches.
  • Considering the source material, not entirely surprising, this one from Fate Stay Night side story Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya 2Wei! is still alarming in its suddenness.
  • The Soul Eater manga LOVES panty shots early on, including the uncomfortably tight panties variety. These slowly disappear as the story develops, and are entirely absent from the anime.
  • Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann has one in the ninth episode. When Nia climbs out of her box, Simon takes one glance towards the relevant direction then immediately blushes and looks away. Knowing Nia however, it's entirely possible that she was Going Commando...
    • Yoko gets one in the beach episode: while she dressed up to prevent her male team members from ogling her, later on she aims her rifle from a half-crouching position, the camera briefly focusing on her butt. Cue the "ooooooh..." from every male in sight.
  • Actual panty shots are rare in Detective Conan, but the notion is occasionally played for laughs; early in the series, Ran once angrily asked Conan if he saw her panties, and in the "Kaitou Kid vs. Shounen Tanteidan" arc, Haibara accused Conan of taking advantage of faking being knocked unconscious to peek up her skirt.
    • However, in Magic Kaito, Kaito Kuroba, AKA Kaitou Kid, flips up the skirt of his not-girlfriend Aoko for panty shots regularly.
  • Subverted in Amagami SS when Junichi thinks he catches a glimpse of Ai Nanasaki's panties at the beginning of her arc, but it turns out that the freshman swim-team member has a habit of wearing her suit beneath her uniform. She makes sure to torment him with the thought that she's offering him a peek before he realizes, however.
  • Michiko To Hatchin has a few. Hatchin gets one in the first episode, when her foster brother pulls up her skirt, but apart from that they mainly happen when her tattoo is shown. As for Michiko, despite the extreme sexiness of her character design, she has only one, and the circumstances are so goofy that it feels more like comedy than fanservice.
  • The manga of Minami-ke has some from Kana and Chiaki, but none from Haruka, and they were all removed in the anime. Haruka and her friends do have a conversation about Panty Shots are and how much of a risk they are in their uniforms (that leads to the color of Haruka's panties nearly being announced to the entire class).
  • Despite all of the cute girls in the cast, Seto No Hanayome's only Panty Shot comes from Lunar Papa. They're pink.
  • High School Of The Dead is absolutely rife with panty shots, even when the girls wearing said panties are being eaten by "them".
  • Panty of Panty And Stocking With Garterbelt uses this trope literally - her panties turn into a gun.
    • Oddly enough, she herself subverts the trope as it is written despite her name and nymphomaniac nature - her sister Stocking beats her to the punch in episode three.
  • In the first Vampire Hunter D movie the heroine Doris has a very short skirt and her panties are shown quite often.
    • Averted in the manga version- She's wearing pants.
  • In Urusei Yatsura, when Hanawa-sensei becomes the new homeroom teacher of Class 2-4, they attempt to explain to him that Lum is an alien. After Lum's horns and electricity powers fail to convince him, Lum demonstrates her ability to fly. Hanawa's response is to give her some gym shorts and tell her to be more modest.
  • Template:Parodying is a whole subtype of Yoshio Kawashima's Gloom Party Yonkoma strips. A notable pattern: a scene where a panty shot should logically happen. Unfortunately, the girl is wearing shorts, bloomers, or some other type of not-so-alluring underwear. The male spectator is so disappointed that he hits her, telling her not to wear such ugly underwear.
  • Bakemonogatari contains a gratuitous one right off the bat in episode one.
    • It's also timed, in slow motion, and plot relevant.
    • Whenever Koyomi bashes Mayoi unconscious, the audience occasionally gets a slightly distant shot of her panties.
  • There's just so MANY in 11eyes, most of them in the first episode.
  • Played with in REC: During a live TV Interview that interrupted their promotional appearance, Aka and Matsumaru end up crashing into the interview set. As the chaos settles down and the camera comes back online, we see a package of the product Aka and Matsumaru are promoting. Then the camera zooms out and we see that the package is resting in front of Aka's panties. Cue scream from Aka when she sees herself on the big screen in the square.
  • Seen quite frequently from the eponymous heroine of Mahou Shoujo Ai. Given that she's a Mini Dress Of Power wearing Action Girl who fights Tentacled demons in a Hentai series, this should be far from surpring.
  • In To Aru Majutsu No Index, one episode had Touma being flashed twice by one of the Misaka clones. The first occasion he used to identify her as while they all dress and look alike, the real Misaka wears shorts beneath her skirt while the clones don't.
    • To Aru Kagaku No Railgun seems to be playing with this trope. The only upskirts are from Misaka (who, as mentioned above, wears shorts), but we do get a tour of Kuroko's extensive kinky underwear collection, and earlier in the same episode, we see her putting on panties (which is probably as close as you can get to a "traditional" Panty Shot without it "counting").
  • Subverted to Hell and back in Mitsudomoe where, for all the jokes about panties, seeing panties thrown around, and wearing panties on the outside of clothing, we never, ever see a traditional up-the-skirt panty shot. The closest we get is when a character flips two girls skirts, but they're wearing bathing suits under their clothes as they have swimming that day. Ironically, the character in question does this to verify the reason those girls weren't wearing bras.
  • Part of the plot in Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honneamise. Shirotsugh catches a glimpse up the main girl's skirt, and this prompts him to attempt to rape her.
  • At the end of Episode 9 of Kemonozume, Yuka's dress is ripped from her transformation and you can see a bit of her panties.
    • For that matter, you see them clearly during the sex scene in Episode 1.
  • Bit of a subversion in episode two of A Channel, Run forgot to wear a sock so she decides to take off the one she's wearing. When she goes to do so a breeze comes by and starts lifting up her skirt, giving Tooru something to look at. Turns out Run forgot to wear something else that day.
  • Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka has tons of them, but a significant portion are from Ayumu himself (and when I say he has Panty Shots, I mean he is wearing panties).
  • A Running Gag in Tantei Gakuen Q is for Kyu to end up seeing Megumi's skirt for a variety of reasons (never because he's deliberately trying to look up her skirt) and blurt out what kind of pattern is on her underwear.
  • More properly a Fundoshi shot, but in Wild Rock despite how little the Loin Cloths cover to begin with there are still more than a few panels where the audience gets a peek at what's underneath.
  • Yayori from Neko De Gomen gets a few.
  • In Full Metal Panic, there are typically not many pantyshots done in jest, despite the females obviously super short skirts, however several scenes involve very brief scenes of upskirt panty shots, the one doing them often Kaname. From any other angle one wouldn't notice, only the audience watching can see it due to the animations view angle on the scene, such as lower angles looking up. There are a decent number of pantyshots done in the series which are not jokes however, mostly in the beginning such as when Kaname is wearing the patient outfit, which has virutally no coverage, while trying to flee from a military through a dense forest.

Art Edit

  • The Swing by Fragonard. It was even originally named The Happy Accidents of the Swing.

Films -- Animation Edit

  • There's a few strange ones in Disney films. In Peter Pan, Tinkerbell when she's stuck in a hole.
    • In the Disney DVDs, at the beginning Tinkerbell uses her Pixie Dust to drew in the words of Disney DVD.
    • Also, Maid Marian in Robin Hood gets a handful.

Comics Edit

  • One issue from Cable & Deadpool featured a Panty Shot... from Deadpool himself. Wearing (by request) the Marvel Girl costume that comes with a short skirt and golden panties. For those who don't know the character, note that Deadpool is male and has a body that's very mutilated and scarred. It's a sight that the X- Men won't be forgetting any time soon. Neither will you.
  • Issue #392 (Feb. 1984) of Superman has Lana Lang's lacy white panties exposed as she is hung upside down by her feet.
  • Mary Marvel gets quite a few Panty Shots over her career. This only gets worse after she becomes Black Mary, including having Panty Shots on a couple of covers.
  • Lampshaded in an issue of Ninja High School when every girl in school meets to discuss their blatant exploitation in the name of Fanservice because of their school uniforms. The problem is solved when they all go to school wearing sweats.
  • Panda Delgado from Body Bags. Her cheerleader skirt is so short to barely qualify as such, to the point where the reader gets panty shots when she's standing still.
  • Lilith of Dreamkeepers has one panty shot to Mace, then on the next page to the audience. It doesn't help that they're climbing down a sheer cliff and Lilith is above Mace, and she's only wearing an oversized shirt and a coat. And panties.
  • In the comics version of WITCH, panty shots are very common from the main heroines, though most of the time it's usually either Hay Lin or Will prancing around with them.
  • Implied: A 2010 story line on Greg Evans'Luann had the school staging a production of West Side Story. During the big dance number, the girls were all required to have on black leotards under their skirts, but the strip's self-proclaimed queen bee Tiffany Farrell was called to the carpet for having on red lacy panties.

Film Edit

MM 6604
  • A male version in Made of Honor, with a non-traditionally worn kilt.
  • Marilyn Monroe's dress blowing up from The Seven Year Itch. While it was censored in the actual film (we saw nothing above her legs or below her waist), promotional shots were much more candid.
    • In the movie Pulp Fiction, a Monroe-lookalike in a nightclub stands on a floor vent and lets it ride.
    • Kelly LeBrock's red satin panties are exposed in the Gene Wilder film The Woman In Red, which takes the Marilyn Maneuver and takes it Up To Eleven.
  • 1968's Finians Rainbow: the character Susan the Silent, in a short, loose dress, provides an exhibition of her lacy panties doing spins and cartwheels.
  • 1987's French film Le Grand Chemin has Martine, played by Vanessa Geudj, [ raising her skirt and flashing her panties at a priest]. She shows her panties frequently in the film, which her friend Louis (Antoine Hubert) can't help but see:
    Martine: Dirty boy! Why do you keep looking at my pants?
    Louis: I'm not. You keep showing them.
  • 2003's Bruce Almighty uses his new powers to cause a gust of wind to blow a woman's skirt up. "And he saw that it was good."
  • In The Gods Must Be Crazy 2, Ann Taylor's skirt is involuntarily pulled up over her face twice.
  • Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen has a few (rather gratuitous) examples. One is when Mikaela takes her pants off while changing and tries to keep her shirt down (it's outside), and another is when "Alice" tries to seduce Sam.
  • 1976's Nickelodeon has Jane Hitchcock's character hanging upside down after getting her foot caught in a hot air balloon's tow rope. Her dance hall outfit dress flips over to show knee-length pantaloons over black stockings.
  • In the big dance climax of Dirty Dancing, Jennifer Grey twirls her skirt up.
  • Annabeth Gish in Shag (1988) twirls her skirt up several times in a dance sequence.
  • I Love You Beth Cooper has the main character (and the audience) getting a glimpse of Beth Cooper's underpants. They say "Hello."
  • Does it count if she's not wearing them? In Sixteen Candles, the Geek asks Samantha if he can borrow her panties, and then shows them off to a group of 9th and 10th graders in the boys' bathroom who each paid $1 to see them. The movie completely ignored the fact that Sam went commando for most of the next half-hour of the movie.
  • In The Breakfast Club, when Bender hides under Claire's desk.
  • In the movie version of Nick And Norahs Infinite Playlist, the audience gets a very clear view of drunk Caroline's panties as Nick's band mates try to take her home.
  • This happens to Andy in The Goonies several times (most prevalent in the scene where she falls off the ship's plank into the lagoon water). Probably to keep the adults interested.
    Andy: Troy! If you touch that mirror again I swear to God I'm going to smack you in the face.
  • This exchange from Dirty Work (1998):
    Mitch: Hey, hey! Hey, you remember in 5th grade when I was under the monkey bars and I sneaked a peek at your sister's underwear? Remember that? Hey, no no! I was sneaking a peek at my own sister's underwear!
    Sam: That's right! Yeah, and then remember in the 12th grade, you had sex with her?
    (uncomfortable pause)
    Mitch: Okay, enough reminiscing...
  • Happens in this scene of Inventing the Abbots.
  • Loni Anderson's panties are readily seen in the Burt Reynolds movie Stroker Ace. Loni is in a billowy dress on top of a platform at the big race; as the cars whiz by, it creates a gust of wind that blows Loni's dress all the way up.
  • 1979's Skatetown U.S.A.: Kelly Long's skimpy roller skating skirt twirls up or flies up in nearly every scene.
  • 1957's The Pajama Game has a wild dance sequence which shows two ladies on their backs running with their feet in the air. Their skirts and slips completely cover their faces to show panties matching their skirt colors.
  • 1973's TV-movie The Girl Most Likely To... had Annette O'Toole in a pleated cheerleader skirt doing a series of slow backwards flips and then a series of fast forward flips. White bloomers, for the record.
  • In the movie The Big Bounce, Sara Foster gets 3 panty shots, all at separate times.
  • In 1944's The Canterville Ghost, Margaret O'Brien shows them off during a dance scene with a soldier. In 1947's The Unfinished Dance, Margaret is on top of another girl beating the bejeezus out of her, and the girl getting punishment has her skirt ride up.
  • In the 1958 film The Tarnished Angels, Dorothy Malone plays an aerialist in New Orleans, Louisiana, during the Great Depression. Her performance in one air show involves climbing out of a vintage 1930s airplane while it is still high in the air and parachuting down to earth. The wind blasts her dress up as she descends, giving the whole world a good look at her panty-covered crotch.
  • JoBeth Williams in Poltergeist, when the unseen haunts lift up her football jersey.
  • The second Sweeney movie has Jack Regan meeting an informant in the park when a group of schoolgirls walk by and one of them bends over to pick something up. Seeing how Regan is Distracted By The Sexy the informant quips: "I could be arrested for doing what you're thinking!"
  • Implied and subsequently averted in the film adaptation of Carrie Fisher's autobiography Postcards From The Edge. Suzanne (Meryl Streep) accuses her mother Doris (Shirley MacLaine) of embarassing her of being in a drunken state and lifting her skirt up at Suzanne's get-together.
    Doris: I didn't lift it up... it twirled up!
    Suzanne: And you weren't wearing any underwear!
  • Pops up unexpectedly in Starship Troopers as Carmen runs across the dissection classroom after vomiting.
  • In The Outsiders, Two-Bit pulls up a female Soc's skirt, revealing her white panties.
  • In Starman, Karen Allen spends the first few minutes in her white panties.
  • A panty shot occurs briefly in one scene from Weird Science.
  • The opening shot of Lost In Translation is a close-up of Scarlett Johansson's backside clad in sheer pink panties.
  • During the infamous street race in Driven, one of the race cars whooshes by a blonde standing next to the street, and in Marilyn Monroe style the wake turbulence lifts her skirt above her waistline.
  • Alien: Sigourney Weaver changes into her spacesuit at a pivotal moment.
  • In The Cocoanuts, the first Marx Brothers movie, Mary Eaton twirls up her skirt in a dance scene.
  • In Worlds Greatest Dad, Robin Williams' generally unpleasantly perverted son Kyle manages to sneak a panty shot of his teacher in a restaurant. This gag appears in all the film's trailers; however what the trailers don't show you is how the film turns into a black comedy after he accidentally dies from autoerotic asphyxiation while masturbating to them later.
  • Averted in Basic Instinct.
  • The 2003 short subject La Valiente ("The Brave Little Girl") has Laura Ballestas -- playing an unnamed girl -- playing Spin The Bottle. As it points to her, she has to stand on her head which causes her skirt to fall over and show her panties as a boy in the game swats her keister with a switch.
  • In St. Trinian's, when the security guards pick up the twins, the camera is shown from Kelly's point of view, which therefore... shows their panties for a split second. Now everyone who reads this and then watches the movie will feel like a loli-con for noticing two 10-year-old twins' panties.
  • Pia Zadora has one in Santa Claus Conquers The Martians when she is told to get on her sleep platform.
  • A completely gratuitous panty scene occurs in Author! Author! (1982) when Ari Meyers comes down to the kitchen in her underwear, complaining that she has nothing to wear tonight (and yes, that's Al Pacino playing her step-dad in the movie).
  • Panty shots were more or less an occupational hazzard in early 40s "swing" movie scenes.
  • Speaking of which, check out the rug-cutting moves in this animated sequence from Make Mine Music (1944). Sure must've been fun being a teenager back in the 40s, hepcats!
  • This scene from the movie Bring It On Again, where head cheerleader Whittier strips down to her sports bra and panties in protest.
  • Used in Bubba Ho Tep to illustrate how old and worthless Elvis is.
    Elvis: The revealing of her panties wasn't intentional or unintentional. She just didn't give a damn. She saw me as so physically and sexually non-threatening, she didn't mind if I get a bird's eye view of her love nest. It was same to her as a house cat sneaking a peek.
  • In the 1995 film Gordy, there's a scene where Hanky Royce, played by Michael Roescher, is sitting on a diving board and when he gets up he falls into the pool. Jinnie Sue Mac Allister played by Kristy Young is worried about him and then runs to get him help, when she turns around her skirt twirls up showing her white panties as she runs away.
  • The main character in the Japanese film Love Exposure becomes an upskirt photographer. Naturally, there are more than a few of these throughout the film.
  • Mena Suvari lifts her skirt deliberately to show off her underwear in The Mysteries Of Pittsburgh. It's in the trailer. Enjoy.
  • In My Girl, Vada (Anna Chlumsky) is sitting on her bed having her hair brushed by her stepmother (Jamie Lee Curtis). As she gets up onto her knees to crawl to the head of the bed, her T-shirt top has ridden up to reveal a pantied behind, a view she develops as she turns to sit and tuck herself in.

Literature Edit

  • Piers Anthony's Xanth series exhibits the literary version of this interest. The 15th book was actually named The Color of her Panties. This can be viewed as an early part of the author's decline into the stereotypical "Dirty Old Man" mentality, as exhibited to a greater and greater degree by his later novels.
  • In Stephen King's IT, it's mentioned that Ben always looked up, when he passed under the staircase in the library, because once, when he looked up for no reason, he's seen a girl's panties.
  • The Takers, a modern Two Fisted Tale by Jerry Ahern. Hot Scoop Mary Frances Mulrooney often makes the mistake of wearing a dress in windy conditions, but at least she has the legs for it. As one naval officer points out when Mulrooney's dress blows up while she's boarding a submarine, the three other ladies who'd embarked earlier never got a whistle like she just did.
  • Kurt Vonnegut's The Breakfast Of Champions has an early passage stating that it is a boy's job to try and peek at a girl's underpants, while it is the girl's job to keep boys from peeking at her underpants.
  • Kay Thompson's hotel-dwelling moppet Eloise has been illustrated in her books showing off her pink panties. In the live-action movies, Eloise (played by Sofia Vassilieva) does likewise but not in the same manner. In the book, Eloise stands on her head and lets her skirt flip over. In the movie, she stands on her head but does so in a position where her skirt doesn't flip over.
  • In chapter 5 of Dark Serenity, Minako bursts into Usagi's bedroom to alert Luna that if she didn't unfreeze the other scouts, then the restaurant Usagi and the Outer Senshi were in would be known for 'underwear showing Sailors.'
  • People keep trying to get a view up Nynaeve's skirt in The Wheel Of Time. She tends to react violently.
  • In one chapter of Jury Macnitier, Allison is dressed in a stupidly short micro-mini that was so flippy, she didn't bother wearing shorts under it. When she sits cross-legged on the couch, both Jury and Katey can see her purple underwear. Though, Katey just shrugs it off and instead insults how stupid Allison's cat outfit it, resulting in Jury yelling at her because she doesn't wear a bra yet.
  • Joan Rivers'The Life and Times of Heidi Abromowitz has an illustration on the front of the titular character doing the Marilyn Maneuver holding her Monroe-esque skirt down from a floor air vent, then on the back, she raises her skirt to show panties with the word "anytime" written on them. An illustration in the book has a five-year-old Heidi in a dress hanging upside down on a jungle gym showing panties along with a change-making device.
  • In The Dresden Files, Harry gets to see Murphy's panties when circumstances force her to remove her pants during a fight. Bob is enchanted by this story and wants Harry to tell it to him again.

Live Action TV Edit

  • Snooki from Jersey Shore has shown her underwear several times. One of the most famous are the backflips she does on a club. This attitude impressed JWOWW so much that they became the best friends.
  • Denji Sentai Megaranger has several, mostly from the miniskirted villainess Shibolena.
  • Unintentional panty shots are so common on Doctor Who that there used to be a whole website devoted to them.
    • In the commentary track for the episode "Robot" Tom Baker remarks to Elisabeth Sladen, "Darling, I can see your knickers!"
  • ANY scene involving the miniskirted Starfleet personnel of Star Trek The Original Series. Their panties are even colour-coordinated with their uniforms!
  • The debut episode of 1998's "House Rules" has a girl in a dress at a playground hanging upside down by her knees on the monkey bar. She has a tip jar for allowing her panties to be seen.
  • Saturday Night Live sketches featuring Molly Shannon's character "Mary Katherine Gallagher" are made of this trope. So much so that one gets the feeling Shannon created the Gallagher character as an excuse to flash her panties constantly.
    • Ms. Shannon actually posed for a photo in Entertainment Weekly flipping her skirt up from the rear and showing off her heart-pattern panties.
    • In the early days of SNL, Larraine Newman and Gilda Radner had panty shots.
  • A 1997 commercial for Fruit Of The Loom panties had the ladies in the commercial twirling their skirts up while dancing. The commercial's tagline was "If you're going to show them off."
  • Joanie Cunningham on Happy Days has had two panty shots, both while in cheerleader outfits.
  • The Man Show. Girls on trampolines. 'Nuff said.
  • Tyra Banks and her infamous "panty party" on her syndicated show.
  • In Burn Notice, Fiona is filmed jumping from a bridge from beneath. She's wearing a short, billowy skirt.
  • In the BBC documentary Gleeful, about American glee clubs and the phenomenon of the show Glee, one girl in one of the performance numbers has a very short skirt, and is lifted into her partner's arms at the end of a routine, exposing her white panties. The shot is repeated a number of times.
  • In the debut episode of 1969's My World And Welcome To It (based on the works of James Thurber), Lisa Gerritsen's character Lydia Monroe is being readied for bed by her mother and is seen in her panties for roughly half a minute.
  • One episode of UK series Sugar Rush has an upskirt of title character Sugar as she bends over to retrieve something from her bag. The next shot sees her removing her patterned white knickers (panties) from under her school skirt in the toilets, having sat in some chewing gum. She throws her knickers in the bin and Kim steals them and hides them in her bag. The next shot sees Sugar on a trampoline and the camera appears to focus on her thighs and skirt, but without revealing anything (this could be classed as a Magic Skirt due to her trampolining), as Kim and some guys with camera phones look on.
  • In one Shake It Up episode, the girls try to sneak into an adult party, and CeCe asks Rocky if she could pull off high-heels, then proceeds walk in them, but she then slips and her dress goes up a bit. Thankfully, she had a black slip on underneath.
  • I Carly: Carly as she runs out of the loft's door in iGot a Hot Room.
    • Wade Collins' mother in iRocked the Vote. Pass the Brain Bleach, please.
  • Implied: On the game show Tattletales, Elaine Joyce (wife of singer Bobby Van) would comment to a question that she was very popular with boys when she was a little girl in school because "I showed my panties a lot!"
  • This shot from a 2000 Old El Paso commercial.

Music Edit

  • Mindless Self Indulgence has a song titled "Panty Shot".
  • The Dave Matthews Band's Title song, "Crash". "Hike up your skirt a little more... and show the world to me."
  • Rolling Stone issue 1102 (April 15, 2010) has the Glee cast on the cover, with Lee Michele (Rachel Berry) shown on roller skates with her skirt flipped up revealing her white panties. Issue 375 (August, 1982) had The Go- Gos clad in nothing but T-shirts and panties.
  • The back cover of Walter Egan's 1977 album Fundamental Roll shows the singer embracing a couple of cheerleaders and lifting their skirts to reveal their panties.
  • Stated to happen often to the title girl in "Centerfold" by J. Geils Band.
  • The cover of the Rush Permanent Waves album.

Music Videos Edit

  • In the PV for the Vocaloid song Waribashi Onna, during the many, many times you see Miku rolling forward and backward, away and toward the screen, you get a glimpse of her trademark striped panties.
  • The video for Shakira's "Las De La Intuición" has this prominently, as seen here
  • Toni Basil's video for her song "Mickey" had her and dancers in cheerleader outfits. As it was screened on Beavis and Butt-head, Butt-head would not change the channel (amidst Beavis' demands) until the scene in the video where Basil hangs upside down by her knees.
  • In the video for Manfred Mann's Earth Band's cover of Bob Marley's "Redemption Song," the photo wall of a troubled teenage girl is slowly panned across. One of the photos has the girl, younger, posing for a family portrait, but she has her skirt raised and flashing her panties, presumably just as the camera shutter goes off.
  • Princess Superstar's video for "Bad Babysitter" features an upskirt as she climbs onto the couch with her legs spread -- her blue cheerleader-style skirt lifts up and briefly shows her pink panties.
  • The maid from the music video for 'Moscow Never Sleeps' by DJ Smash has just a hint of one near the beginning.
  • The music video of The Killers' Mr. Brightside has the prostitutes in the brothel pulling their skirts and revealing their panties during the chorus part of the song.

Sports Edit

  • Cheerleaders' bloomers were always a mainstay. Little by little, though, the panty-shaped bloomers have been replaced by bloomers shaped as short shorts, although some squads (like the USC Trojans cheerleaders) still wear the panty-shaped bloomers.
  • Unavoidable for players in women's tennis who have to run and jump around mostly in flowing minidresses.

Video Games Edit

  • One of the TV spots for the PS3 game Heavenly Sword opens with a panty shot. In slow motion too.
  • During Alice's ultimate attack in Shadow Hearts, where she summons God, there is still room for an upskirt panty shot. Sacrelicious. If you have her magical black panties accessory equipped (and why wouldn't you want them equipped, as they halve all magic damage), the panties will be black instead of the usual white.
    • The sequel parodies this with Gepetto's puppet, who can equip a Alice outfit which allows her to perform this attack. Her underpants are bright pink and had cute pictures on them.
  • The original arcade version of Double Dragon gives the player a glimpse of Marian's panties while she is carried over the shoulder by her kidnapper and again at the end of the game when Marian embraces Billy (or Jimmy, depending on who beats the game) to give him a kiss. This was actually toned down in many home versions of the game, except for the Genesis and Lynx ports, as well as the Xbox 360 version (which was an emulation of the arcade game). Even the iPhone remake manages to avoid the panty shot when she is shown bound and gagged in the intro by putting a conspicuously placed pipe in front of her skirt.
  • Handwaved in the Street Fighter games that feature Sakura; materials say she's really wearing her gym shorts under her school outfit. Considering the aerial nature of the games and kicking in general (and Sakura's "Overhead" kick in particular) though, this might not be a bad idea. Her rival Karin seems to have bicyclist's shorts under her skirt that extend well past its hem, too. Oddly enough, however, the design of the shorts makes it look like she's wearing panties over them. And Chun Li gets a bunch during her fight with Vega in the animated movie. It's rare for Chun Li to be drawn without a panty shot, either from the front or the back.
  • Roll seems to attract these. She gets a panty shot quite a few times in the Marvel vs. Capcom series, but then that's to be expected when your skirt's only long enough to covering your rear. In Mega Man 9, we get a rather pointless 8-bit example: Roll trips at one point after you defeat five bosses. There's a bit of white in between her skirt and legs, making this one of the first panty shots to grace the main Mega Man games.
  • The fighting game Line Kill Spirits relies on this trope. Damage to an opponent isn't permanent until you take a picture of their panties. Several special moves cause skirts to flip up and there is a standard move for every character that does nothing but flip up the front or back of the skirt.
  • Venus from Metal Gear Acid 2 really should have worn something more substantial considering she was going on a stealth mission. Her cameo in Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops downscaled her enormous chest, shortened her incredibly long hair, and gave her model a slightly longer skirt and a pair of black tights in order to preserve her dignity. Oddly, it made her look even hotter.
  • You can look up one of the hostage's skirt in Metal Gear Solid 2. She'll piss herself and Rosemary will call you a perv.
  • In the Japanese version of Streets Of Rage 2, Blaze's jump kick sprite gives a pretty good view of what's up her skirt.
  • Being a series about school kids, the Rival Schools video games have plenty of these. The first game has this happen with Hinata and Sakura (see above), and the PlayStation port has these on Natsu and Tiffany's alternate costumes. The sequel Project Justice has these for Momo and Yurika (although in Yurika's case, it's more of a Pantyhose Shot). Kyoko averts this thanks to her Magic Skirt, while Ran and Zaki do the same by wearing bike shorts and a spandex bodysuit, respectively. This happens to Hinata again during her Capcom VS SNK 2 cameo.
  • Princess Peach's Up+ A attack (not the Up+ A Smash) in Super Smash Bros. Melee. Apparently, snapshots of Peach's panty shots were so prevalent that Masahiro Sakurai actually addressed the issue on the Dojo, saying that he would never publically post them on the site... ironically enough, the Japanese version of the update shows such a snapshot doing exactly that.
  • Changing the camera angle at the final save point in Kingdom Hearts 2 can get the player a great upskirt shot of Kairi's panties. The fanboys went nuts on various forums when this was discovered.
    • Tinkerbell has a much more obvious and deliberate one in Birth By Sleep
  • A shot early on in Dragon Age looks like Alistair is getting a good look up the female Warden's skirt (if she is wearing leather armor or robes, at least), yet his lack of reaction suggests that the designers didn't notice. Also, the camera rotation stops short of allowing you to see up any female character's skirt (and Morrigan's default outfit has pants under the skirt anyway).
  • Isabela in Dragon Age 2 doesn't actually wear pants or a skirt, just a shirt and thigh-high boots, so these are extremely common.
  • Can also happen with Female!Hawke if she's wearing the Finery clothing obtained at the beginning of Act II. Particularly noticeable with a rogue, who performs several spinning flips and wide kicks when she fights.
  • Yuni in some versions of Dance Dance Revolution (most notoriously, versions based off the 4th Mix engine) gets quite a bit of shots of her black panties, thanks in no small part to a combination of her miniskirt and the randomly-changing camera angles. She has an animation in which she bends over, giving a more-than-reasonable view.
  • If you attempt to look up Ashley's skirt in Resident Evil 4, she calls you a perv. However, many people have tried (and succeeded) to look up her skirt, and she has stiching and a red bow on her underwear. During a brief sequence where you play as Ashley, she has to crawl under tables and through small tunnels a few times. The camera follows directly behind her. It's possible to hack the game and play as Ashley for the whole thing. In the scene where you dodge the lasers, not only is the stunt quite impressive as Ashley, you get quite the show at the end (3:40)
  • In Final Fantasy VIII, Selphie wears a tiny minidress. The Z-axis rotation on her Scan screen (and only Selphie's screen) was disabled, to prevent you turning her upside down and having a look - clearly the censors deemed it too racy.
    • Final Fantasy X2 had no such qualms. Scan targeted things to provide information, Scan Lv 2 allowed you to rotate the image, and Scan Lv 3 allowed you to target your own party. Your own party consisting of three chicks.
    • Another Final Fantasy X2 example: In the International+ Last Mission version, when Yuna spherechanges into her Psychicer dressphere, her skirt goes FLYING up and you can clearly see a flash of white that had nothing to do with all the pretty lights. Think about the fact that her Psychicer outfit is mostly purple, AND the fact that hers and Rikku's outfits are modeled after school uniforms for a second.
    • Narrowly averted in Final Fantasy XIII - Vanille is climbing over an obstacle at such a height that the player and character Sazh are about to get a perfect panty shot view. However the baby chocobo with him blocks the view, annoyed at the indiscretion.
      • Later Fang lifts up Vanille's skirt to get a look at her l'Cie brand. The audience don't see anything, but Snow, Sazh and Hope all turn away bashfully.
  • In Dissidia Final Fantasy, Terra Branford gets such things if she is in her alternate costume.
    • It's even Lampshaded by a Moogle in the TIPS section. He specifically mentions Terra's alternate costume, but quickly dismisses the sentence in shame.
    • It's almost impossible not to get shots of Kuja, especially because he's always floating and flipping around.
    • Sabin lampshades it in the in-game manual for the model viewer.
      My brother mentioned something about battle replay...
  • Dead Or Alive is full of this.
  • The Soul Series is loaded with panty shots, although not as blatantly as Dead Or Alive since the Male Gaze usually isn't followed in cutscenes. Then again, you could customize the color of Sophitia's underwear as early as Soul Edge, so Namco obviously knows their audience.
  • At least in the first game, MOMO from Xenosaga is a tiny Panty Shot factory.
  • In the MMORPG, Lunia, playing as Eir will subject the player to tonnes of panty shots since her skirt flips up way more than it should. This is especially so if the player changes the camera angle.
  • The dark elves in Lineage II practically wear lingerie 99% of the time. They also lean forward quite a bit when running just to make sure you get a good view.
    • The other races aren't slackers in the pantyshot department either, at least in the original non-international versions. Female characters wear short skirts that are easy to see up at the right camera angle (read: a lot of them), and which flip up when a spell is cast. Human females wear cotton underwear, while elf girls wear lacy thongs.
  • In the World War II-set game, Velvet Assassin, certain levels have the heroine running around in a negligee (it's a long story). Yes, you can look up it. This prompted Playr to bump their rating of the game from a 6.5 to a 7, on grounds of "schoolboy tittering".
  • The all-female wrestling game Rumble Roses, not surprisingly has a lot of panty shots. Even if one doesn't count bikinis or costumes such as assless chaps that CONSTANTLY show the panties, any character with a skirt will invariably give a lot of panty shots when tossed around with the opponent's moves. The character Candy Cane (Face/Heel sides of the same character) who is generally seen as the most Fetish Fuel in a game consisting entirely of Fetish Fuel characters, has a loose skirt... which unlike the tight skirts of some other characters constantly flies up or turns upside down to reveal panties. (The tight skirts still show panties, but will require a better angle. Fortunately, the PS2 controller lets you have your way with the camera.)
  • Vampire The Masquerade -- Bloodlines. When any character in a dress or skirt so much as runs (never mind jumping or flipping during a fight), the skirt suddenly flies up as high as possible to give a panty shot. I suppose vampires run so fast, they cause strong winds. The female Malkavian character, who's completely Fetish Fuel in every outfit, even gets a cowgirl outfit later, with assless chaps for constant panty shots.
  • Higurashi Daybreak: Whenever a female character jumps over the player. Or whenever a female is knocked silly. Or whenever the player is female and another character jumps over her. Or whenever Chie-sensei does her flip-kick attack.
  • Kimberly from Don Bluth's FMV game had a skirt shorter than her temper, and Bluth made it a habit to view it flying upwards whenever she was captured or riding a vehicle or underwater or... you get the idea.
    • While the cartoon adaptation on Saturday Supercade gave her a Magic Skirt.
  • Guilty Gear has Jam, Millia Rage, I-No... heck, any female character wearing a skirt. Even Jam's regular stance reveals a bit. Ky even points this out:
    Ky: Um, you shouldn't kick so high. People's eyes tend to wand-- I'm sorry!!
    • Also Testament, who happens to be male. Instances are brief and difficult to notice, but they're there.
  • In Clock Tower 3, Alyssa has A LOT of shots of her white panties during gameplay and cut scenes.
  • The titular character in Red Ninja throws these all the time. Particularly, when she's climbing a ladder, the camera just swoops into position automatically and, Panty Shot.
  • Played as a joke in Tatsunoko VS Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars with Jun the Swan. Frank West is implied to have taken pictures of Jun's underpants, and in her ending, she hits Ken and Joe after they see up her skirt.
    • You actually can get a shot of her panties if you hit her with Frank's level 3 super, which probably explains where he got the pictures from.
  • Vela of Jet Force Gemini gives the player just about the nicest view possible when swimming. As she's the only character who can swim proficiently, it happens several times.
  • In Blaz Blue Litchi, Taokaka, and Makoto all give panty shots with varying degrees of frequency. Noel, surprisingly, has a Magic Skirt, although there may be a good reason for this.
  • Commonplace in Korean MMO golf game Pangya, where several of the playable female characters, depending on what outfit(s) they're wearing, frequently flash their panties. The flashiest girls are Kooh, Lucia, and Arin.
  • In the love scene of Project Sylpheed, Ellen flashes her white panties to the camera while embracing and kissing Katana, adding to the romantic feel. (Katana deserves this a lot~!! ^^)

Webcomics Edit

Web Original Edit

Western Animation Edit


Teela's panties

Sheilas Knickers Night Of No
  • The New Batman Adventures episode Girl's Night Out featured a shot of Supergirl flying away with just the right camera angle.
  • Betty Boop was prone to this early in her films, then the Hays Office interfered.
  • In the Droopy cartoon Wild and Woolfy, at the end when he is chasing cowgirl Red you can see her panties as she runs off.
  • Several times in Code Lyoko (see Fanservice), but one rather baffling case of scene reuse takes the cake, as parodied here.
  • Clerks The Animated Series has Jay and Silent Bob looking up not-Sailor Moon's skirt and grinning widely during the 4th episode's Korean ending.
  • A few from classic Warner Bros. cartoons include:
    • The Trial Of Mr. Wolf (1941): Red Riding Hood carries the wolf off in the sidecar of her motorcycle; her skirt flies up as she speeds off.
    • Nasty Quacks (1944): A shot up the dress of Daffy's young mistress Agnes as, up the flight of stairs, she proceeds into her bedroom with her new baby duck.
  • Total Drama Island: Izzy gives us one when she scratches her ear with her foot (they're the same green as her shirt).
  • Phineas And Ferb In "Ain't No Kiddie ride". Candace is on a rocket and it starts spinning causing 8 different upskirt views.
  • There have been at least two in The Boondocks. First in "Guess Hoe's Coming to Dinner" when Granddad's much younger girlfriend Crystal leaps onto their couch you can see her panties, and in episode "Pause" when Granddad escapes from the fans he rolls onto his back and sees the producer's secretary, and uses the opportunity to look up her skirt and see her panties
  • Daphne and Velma in Scooby Doo, in quite a few instances. Among these are the following (Or so I Heard):
    • In "Decoy for a Dognapper", while warding off a flock of bats, Velma kicks her knees up high enough to show her panties, but they are colored the same as her skirt.
    • In "Scooby's Night With A Frozen Fright", she, Shaggy and Scooby get startled at the door slamming behind them and you can see her panties which are the same color as her dress.
    • In The Spooky Fog, a scene where Velma jumps back after being scared by a small animal, causing her skirt to flip up briefly, was unused during the first season of The New Scooby Doo Movies. It was added in season 2; it has not resurfaced since going into syndication and subsequent Cartoon Network and Boomerang airings.
    • In "A Good Medium Is Rare", Velma's skirt rides up as she, Daphne and Fred react at a mysterious figure behind them.[1]
    • In the "Mystery of Haunted Island," one occurs when the gang meets the Harlem Globetrotters. A mishap with the door leads to the gang being pulled into a pile with the Globetrotters, where Daphne ends up face-down with her skirt flipped up, exposing her panties underneath her trademark pink tights. And here's the shot. She's on the left.
    • In the episode "The Babysitter from Beyond" (A Pup Named Scooby Doo), the kids are wedged in a doorway and from behind we can see Velma's and Daphne's white panties. Curiously, Daphne is wearing her panties on the outside of her tights. Wearing a second pair of panties over one's tights is an old trick to help stop them falling down.
    • In "A Bicycle Built For Boo," Velma's skirt flips up after Scooby drops her from the reach of the episode's monster. Given Daphne and Velma's ages in the show, this would fall under innocent panties territory.
    • In "Wanted Cheddar Alive," the gang is chasing the guy in the blue suit until Daphne's skirt flips up to show her panties. Meanwhile Daphne and Fred jump up higher then fall down to show Daphne's pink panties.
    • In "Mayhem Of The Moving Mollusk," the gang has been thrown into dumpster causing Daphne's dress to get dirty. She calls her butler Jenkins; as Daphne climbs out of the dumpster to show her pink panties.[2]
    • In "It's Mean, It's Green, It's the Mystery Machine" from What's New, Scooby-Doo when the Mystery Machine is chasing the gang and Velma falls over, flipping up her skirt in the process to show her white panties.
    • In The 1976 episode "Mamba Wamba And The Voodoo Hoodoo Fred and Velma set the trap On Mamba Wamba causing Velma's Skirt to get flipped up and exposing her red solid panties.
    • In the 1976 episode "Scooby Doo, Where's The Crew?", on Prof. Poisson's ship, Velma stands on tiptoe to look into the radio room porthole. Her skirt rides up high enough to show her red lace-trimmed panties.
    • In The 1976 episode "There's A Demon Shark In The Foggy Dark", The Gang headed toward Aqualand when they see the demon shark chasing them. They headed to the pool riding on a dolphins' tail and landed in the trampoline to show Velma's red panties and Daphne's black panties.
    • In 1978 episode "Creepy Creature Of Vulture's Claw the gang heads to the old aaretaker's cabin to open the door to save Daphne; in the process it showed her black panties.
    • In 1984 episode "Scooby's Peephole Pandemonium" after the gang heads to Norman Deathman's bedroom Daphne and Scrappy hide under the bed to show her upskirt of her panties.
    • Monsters Unleashed has Velma jumping into a ship vent funnel, back to the camera. Her orange panties can be seen for a couple of frames.
    • Daphne gets one in Curse of the Lake Monster. Wearing a pleated-skirt tennis outfit, she (as well as Fred and Shaggy) gets knocked backwards by the lake monster.
  • Invoked in the The Venture Brothers episode "Tears of a Sea Cow", reflecting the UST that the Murderous Moppets have for Dr. Girlfriend:
    Tim-Tom: I just saw mum's clean panties.
    Kevin: Oh, when she was crouching? I tried not to look. Were they--
    Tim-Tom: They were white panties, Kevin.
    Kevin:(lustfully) White...
  • The first episode of Dungeons And Dragons had a one frame shot of Shiela's white panties as she jumped onto a horse. This was mentioned in the DVD Commentary for the box set.
  • Toot gets a lot of these in Drawn Together.
  • PantyShot: There have been a few of these in Disney's Quack Pack:
  • In "Pardon My Molecules", after Donald, Daisy and the nephews first arrive in a desert to set up camp, when Daisy moves as she marvels and takes in the sights while talking about getting the next story break for her and Donald's news show, the hem of her pink dress lifts slightly in a breezy draft caused by her movement, partly or slightly revealing her white, frilly unmentionables.
  • In the same episode, a flashback involving Dr. Emile Crocker's past includes scenes in which some people in the street become horrified and faint at the sight of his face from a ray that distorted his normal face into one designed in an abstract art style. Then a young lady with long, brown hair, wearing a blue beret with matching knee-length dress who is passing by notices him. She jumps with a frightened look on her face, her beret flies up (suspended in mid-air for a few seconds), her hair stands up and her dress flips up, revealing white, frilly panties before the dress flips back down, and she too faints.
  • In "The Boy Who Cried Ghost", the female viking ghost's undies are shown from behind, as she jostles against the blue ghost and vampire to escape a room.
  • In "Heavy Dental", Huey is watching three cheerleaders from a stadium entrance to the field and they're seen waving their pompoms and jumping, which causes their close-fitted mini-skirts to lift slightly, revealing peeks of their blue panties. Huey then uses his dental head gear to control the cheerleaders.
  • Averted with Daisy in "Koi Story" by [[GoingCommando wearing none]]. See one of the tropes above this for more info.
  • Princess Toadstool in the Super Mario Bros. Super Show episode, "Two Plumbers and a Baby". When she's fleeing, she trips and falls into the Fountain of Youth, there's a glimpse of her white undies.

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  1. Bakura's official height and weight? 5'9", 114 lbs. She'd knock him right off that rope! Tristan, however, is The Big Guy

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