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>In an Era of Chaos and Destruction...

>The world needed a hero
>He who possessed the talents of a hero...
>Was a selfish man
>A perverted man.
>A violent man.
>He wasn't anything you could call heroic in any sense.
>Rance VI -Collapse of Zeth

Rance VI -Collapse of Zeth opening

The Rance series, by Alice Soft, is one of the oldest on-going H Game franchises and one of the oldest series of the EasternRPG genre (released in 1989). It is notable for having one continuous story among the main series of games (with a few If Routes and Spin Off games on the side) despite the age of the series. One of those Spin Off games, Kichikuou Rance was released in 1996 and still is one the best selling H Game of all time.

Unlike most Heroic Fantasy protagonists, the main goal of Rance is to screw as many hot women as physically possible with the help of his faithful slave Sill. Preferably consensually although Rance does have a loose definition of "consensual". If he needs to slay some random Big Bad or Demon Overlord and save entire countries to do so, he'll gladly do it, since the forces of evil will probably have some hot women to rape anyways. Besides, even if the man in question is a Heroic Comedic Sociopath, women love a man who saves the world once in a while. Not to mention that it makes for a more interesting story to have such a morally ambiguous protagonist.

It should be noted that despite the protagonist's dubious motivation, he actually does save and improve the lives of many of the Loads And Loads Of Characters he meets along the way and is actually good for the Crapsaccharine World. In A World so full of cynicism because of sadistic JerkassGods and Corrupt Politicians, the idealistic (yet Ambiguious Innocent) Hedonist with a penchant for Brutal Honesty can actually be the good guy.

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Rance Series

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