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Got a story about how life came to imitate art? Share it here!

We mean in the Troper Tales pages attached to each trope, not the main trope page. Dumping all the personal anecdotes on a separate page means that people only have to read them if they want to, and for people who are looking for them, they are all right there.

In order to create a Troper Tales page for any existing page which does not have one, copy and paste < this web address to your URL bar, append the name of the page, press enter, and voila! You have created a page that, once edited, will appear blue in the === Real Life === section on the main article.

Not sure what to write? Check out the Troper Tales Guidelines for more info on the kind of tales we're looking for.

The full list of Troper Tales is available in this link.

Please note that Troper Tales is not about your fanfic characters or game campaigns. We have a fanfic section on trope pages, and if not, you're welcomed to make them, even if it's about Unpublished Works. On campaign games, you're welcomed to make a page in the form of Game Name Campaign/Troper Tales and link it to the main page or to the Game Name/Troper Tales page.

Warning: Troper Tales may not be exciting, socially acceptable, or true. Please be sensible.

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