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It's just brotherly love...

Popular culture often expects twins to share everything, including, it seems, their beds. It's a particularly common trope in Slash Fic, Hentai, and porn, though it does occur in mainstream fiction often enough to be a discernible trope. It's especially common as a way of making Creepy Twins just that much more disturbing.

Note that Twincest is not necessarily homosexual: that's what fraternal twins and Half Identical Twins are for. However, a great deal of the appeal to viewers is the popular fantasy of sleeping with two identical copies of a single hot person at the same time, so homosexual (or bisexual if there's a lucky third party of another gender) twincest is more often used to titillate viewers. For Yuri Fans and Yaoi Fans who became fans at least partly because they see a forbidden appeal to such relationships, Twincest supercharges that part of the appeal.

A common twist, in this and in Brother Sister Incest in general, is for a couple to fall in love, only to find out later that they were Separated At Birth. (See genetic sexual attraction.) How far their relationship goes before they discover this generally depends on whether the plotline is supposed to be humorous or tragic.

It goes without saying that most Real Life twins are completely repulsed by the idea.

An old Japanese myth says that if two star-crossed lovers commit dual suicide, they get reincarnated as twins. This may be one of the factors in the frequency of Twincest stories in anime.

Of course, sometimes even Twincest isn't quite incestuous enough for the writers.

Can overlap with a Twin Threesome Fantasy.

Anime & Manga Edit

  • Candy Boy is entirely about yuri twincest, in that Yukino does like to tease her sister Kanade quite a bit. There's nothing explicit going on, since Kanade decides to keep a cool outer appearance, although she is obviously enamored with her sister.
  • Black Lagoon's Hansel and Gretel. Given their history, this is possibly the least disturbing thing about them.
  • A non-canon pairing trope popular with fans of the Digimon series. Kouji and Kouichi from Digimon Frontier were Separated At Birth and, to a much lesser extent due to their limited involvement (but still plausible... we're talking one of the most messed-up fandoms in recent memory in regards to who they pair up), Ai and Makoto from Digimon Tamers fall into this. Camp Gay Rhodo-Knightmon (Crusadermon) makes thinly-veiled Twincest jokes about Kouji and Kouichi in one memorable episode.
    • Kouji and Kouichi also got a scene where they were staring at each other with bubbles floating around. A kiss almost seems as if it wouldn't have been out of place.
  • Shoujo Sect absolutely defines this trope with the Kasagi twins Aki and Nori. Just read their description in the manga itself.
  • Yoh and Hao in Shaman King are twins. In the anime, especially the 4Kids dub, Hao (I'm sorry, Zeke) kept saying it was Yoh's destiny to unite with him. A lot of yaoi fangirls love Hao.
    • You mean [[Memetic Mutation|Yoh]]?
    • They are also literally a single soul that got split in two a ways back, simultaneously explaining the "unite" Double Entendre and making this closer to Screw Yourself.
  • Subverted in Gundam SEED: Kira and his Separated At Birth twin sister Cagalli meet in the first episode (neither knowing they're related), and when they reunite further in the series, Cagalli comforts the emotionally ragged Kira in a purely platonic way. This is ironically taken as a threat by Flay, Kira's screwed-up girlfriend (it's not a healthy relationship), despite the fact there's no romantic attraction to it. Further toyed with when Cagalli displays a Luminescent Blush at overhearing Flay admit to her ex-fiance Ssigh that she and Kira have slept together.
  • Gundam 00 plays with this too. Whether Ribbons Almark and his "sister" Hilling Care qualify as twins is debatable, both of them being DNA-engineered children with the same sequence, but Healing seems to show a bit more adoration than is platonic towards Ribbons.
  • .hack//tasogare no udewa densetsu hints strongly at incest, or at least lust, between two characters who are twins. This is basically a Flanderization of subtler jokes in the manga, where it was the sister's completely different-looking and skimpily-dressed computer avatar that set off the whole thing. The anime altered the storyline near the end where their relationship is implied to be much stronger.
  • In Revolutionary Girl Utena, Half Identical Twins Miki and Kozue have a bizarre relationship which may involve twincest, particularly in the movie.
  • Onegai Twins features a boy who is not sure which of the two girls in the story is his long-lost twin sister. They both fall for him, making one a case of twincest and the other not. Now, if only they knew which... If only the manga and anime were the same on that point.
  • Chobits has some extremely un-sibling-like touching between Chi and the "Dark Chi" that appears in her mind. This proves to be her sister, Freya, whose mind was downloaded into Chi.
  • In a similar CLAMP example, see Hinoto and her hallucinatory Template:Eviltwin in X1999.
  • On learning that Fai of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle has a deceased twin brother named Fai (hence why the Fai we know and love is named Fai), the fangirls hit the keyboards hard.
    • The Acid Tokyo arc's Kamui and Subaru (also known as the "Vampire Twins") actually manage even more Ho Yay than their counterparts in X1999 (where they are not related in any way). Vampirism (and new twincest possibilities) may have something to do with it.
    • Mercifully, the fanfic authors do not do this with Syaoran and Sakura and their many clones, as that would likely cause the already inscrutable relationship chart (for their fic, anyway) to actively kill those that look at it.
  • The Hitachiin twins in Ouran High School Host Club play this up for their fangirls for the purposes of their club. They also seem to be very affectionate toward each other when the fangirls aren't watching, but this, too, could also be a game they play.
    • Well, they get angry when they are called homo side characters, that is...
    • Nevertheless, on one occasion where Tamaki calls them early on a weekend, we see them waking up in bed... the same bed... cuddling each other.
    • On one such occasion one of them (Hikaru) is not wearing pants.
    • Still, the incest is far from Canon. And the Hitachiin twins act a lot less perverted when the host club's customers aren't around.
    • Besides, a big thing about them is how utterly dependent they are on each other and how the club and Haruhi help them grow apart and become separate people. Sleeping in the same bed seems more childlike than actually sexual and a sign of how they can't be apart.
    • Not to mention that they're both in love with Haruhi, though Kaoru gives up earlier on to support Hikaru instead.
  • Bokuwa Imoutoni Koio Suru ("I'm In Love With My Little Sister"). Everything's in the title.
  • Myself Yourself has twins Shuri and Shusuke with a particularly strong relationship in the face of Parental Abandonment, with a later rumor even claiming a more illicit relationship. Under threat of separation, they run away together near the end. The Distant Finale strongly suggests that the twincest subtext has become canon.
  • The Kannazukino Miko manga ends with Chikane and Himeko reincarnated as twin sisters. This may be a variation on the Japanese myth mentioned above.
  • Many fans pair Vash and Knives from Trigun. To be fair, it is strongly implied that Knives has one heck of a brother complex towards Vash. The first big confrontation between Vash and Knives at the very end of the first Trigun manga really looks like a metaphorical rape scene complete with grotesquely obvious phallic symbols. Which wasn't even the most disturbing thing about this scene in the first place.
    • For the fangirls and morbidly curious, it's in Trigun # 2 (not Tri Max 2)
  • And let's not get started on Rociel / Roshiel's 'ambiguous' attitude towards his twin-sister-Alexiel-reincarnated-into-Setsuna in Angel Sanctuary. But then again, Rociel isn't a paragon of sanity, and brother-sister incest is one of the main themes of the manga.
  • One of the fanon yaoi pairings in The Princeof Tennis involves a set of twins: the Kisarazus, namely Atsushi from Saint Rudolph (short hair, a red bandanna) and Ryou from Rokkaku (long hair, a white hat).
  • There are multiple examples of pairing up Netto and Rockman from Mega Man Battle Network/Mega Man NT Warrior. It's up to the Gentle Reader to decide which squicks him or her more -- the game version, where this trope applies in full, or in the anime, where he's just a computer program.
  • Amiboshi and Suboshi in Fushigi Yuugi, though a lot of this is fan speculation. Especially because Suboshi feeds Amiboshi a mind-erase drug through a kiss in episode 40. In an author's note in the manga, Yuu Watase claims that she didn't mean for that particular incident to seem so sexual. Sure she didn't.
  • The revelation at the end of Chrono Crusade that Chrono and Aion are twins hasn't stopped some fans from shipping them. The fact that Aion really does seem to have a brother complex doesn't help dissuade them.
  • Zero and his long-lost twin Ichiru in Vampire Knight. The 'cest is entirely irrelevant to the plot. It just needed that extra element.
  • In an example where the incest is relevant to the plot, in Saiyuki Hakkai's girlfriend Kanan was actually his Separatedat Birth twin sister. It's not known when they found out, but it was Hakkai's motive for what he did after she was given up to the demons by the villagers.
    • And apparently even after they found out, they didn't actually break up or anything.
  • The Hayasaka twins from Buso Renkin, while most likely not involved in actual twincest, do act a lot like a married couple, and used to recite the traditional wedding vows to each other as a game, as kids.
  • In Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid the assassins Xia Yu Fan and Xia Yu Lan are twin sisters who take showers together. And hold each other at every available opportunity. Also Yu Lan sees Yu Fan descending naked from the sky toward her when she dies.
  • The relationship between Carossa and Melissa in Gun X Sword has elements of this, though they are never so pronounced as when the two first appear and Carossa licks away Melissa's tears. Van, watching, cannot help but be a little disturbed.
    • Well, they are basically kids. What was there was creepy, however, particularly Carossa managing to imply "Abusive Relationship" while being and looking all of twelve years old.
  • Some Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni fans like to ship Mion and Shion, despite the fact that both girls have potential canon love interests. The marketing of the series doesn't help.
    • If by "potential canon love interests" you mean "are both madly in love with boys in ways that drive the entire plot", that would be correct, yes.
    • Ditto for Lucky Star's Kagami and Tsukasa. There still have been some decent stories involving this couple though.
    • Mion and Shion's might have to do with the ever so revealing, almost hentai, twincest official art the animators used to promote the first season, and the manga art. Also, they are a bit touchy touchy.
    • And it might have a bit to do with the way they're shown in the first opening.
  • The hentai Twin Angels has a scene where a demon takes the form of one twin to rape the other. Other than that, I don't think Mai and Ai ever willingly have sex, though I think they are forced to do so.
  • Ayashi No Ceres plays this trope quite creepily and mixes it with Rape As Drama. Also averted, in that the actual twins don't have twincesty feelings for each other; they are, however, possessed by their ancestors, who were husband and wife.
  • The fan pairing of [[Axis Powers Hetalia|Canada]]. The fans they have are few, but very loyal.
    • There are also some Hong Kong and North ?/South Italy shippers around, but the jury's still out on the subject of these two "couples" being twins or just siblings, though.
  • Template:Anime/Monster has some vehement Johan/Nina shippers.
  • Suiseiseki and Souseiseki, a.k.a. the Boatlight Twins, from Rozen Maiden get this kind of treatment a lot through fan shipping. To be fair, they are an official pairing in the series itself, so it works out pretty well overall anyway.
  • By the 4th Kiss X Sis OVA, Riko and Ako convince themselves that it's not that dirty if they use a dummy of Keita to masturbate together. And kiss. And fondle each other.
  • Though barely present in the main story of Earthian, other than a mention now and again by his assistant and close friend Raphael, Lord Michael and his twin sister Lucifel are featured prominently in an extra story, written years following the original publishing. that was included in the reprint. In the story, not only is Lucifel shown to be extra touchy-feely with Michael (not to mention possessive of him, to the point where Raphael considers her his romantic rival), it is strongly implied that not only do they eventually have sex, but Lucifel has a child by him, that child being Kagetsuya, one of the two main characters of the main story. This becomes somewhat less of a shock when you consider the mangaka is Yun Kouga (see Loveless).
  • Durarara's Mairu and Kururi Orihara have somewhat incestuous feelings towards one another, largely owing to the fact that they're not quite right in the head (they don't actually consider themselves separate individuals, for starers).
  • Yosugano Sora is the embodiment of this trope with the male lead Haruka having such relationship with his very twin sister Sora. Among the both of them, Sora was shown more crazy and obsessed with her brother as she constantly fantasizes having sex with him and gets jealous when Haruka interacts with other females.
  • The Kongo brothers pairing in Eyeshield 21 fandom has a pretty good following. Agon's a huge narcissist and Unsui is very dedicated to his younger brother. It's not hard to imagine it being a little more then brotherly...

Cartoons Edit

  • Robot Chicken has a long running gag portraying the Bush twins, Barb and Jenna, as hard-partying Girls Gone Wild types, often ending with the two of them making out.
    • During the Star Wars special, there was the inevitable skit involving Luke and Leia in bed.

Comics Edit

  • In the Ultimate Marvel Universe, there were hints about Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch going down this road from the beginning, until it was confirmed outright in a recent issue of The Ultimates, immediately before her death.
  • Marvel Comics' Fenris twins (Andrea and Andreas Von Strucker) play with this idea (and likely, each other!) fairly frequently. Shudder.
    • It gets worse. Andrea has since died, and since their energy blast powers relied on them touching to function, her brother had her skin made into leather and wrapped his sword hilt with it. On top of that, he is nothing short of fanatically obsessed with finding a way to resurrect her. The whole thing is portrayed just as creepily as it sounds, with even other characters around him being squicked by it.
      • Their Ultimate versions were pretty much the same, save for the bit in spoilers up there.
  • It was heavily implied in a few issues of Infinity Inc. that Obsidian has a crush on his long-lost twin sister Jade(this despite Obsidian being gay...). She was blissfully oblivious.
  • Top Ten's Spin Off miniseries Smax has Smax and his sister Rexa admitting to this, although in the world they came from it wasn't the taboo issue it was in his adopted world.
  • They are clones rather than twins, but the girls in the X X Xenophile story "Family Reunion" probably count.

Fan Works Edit

  • Harry Potter offers the Weasley twins as a prime example of this trope in fanfiction.
    • After Rowling told the fans what happens to Luna, there's been a bit of twincest involving her sons Lorcan and Lysander.
  • The twin sons of Elrond, Elladan and Elrohir and (to a much smaller extent) Elrond and his twin brother Elros are frequently paired in Lordofthe Rings fanfiction.
  • Edgar And Ellen fandom has quite a few of these.
  • Vocaloid fanfictions are full of these, featuring Kagamine Len x Kagamine Rin. Not that the music videos (also made by fans, of course) would help much...
  • Zack and Cody together have lots of fans, too.
  • Pretty much every Boondock Saints slashfic.
  • America and Canada, the "North American Brothers" of Axis Powers Hetalia, are (assumed to be) twins and pairing with growing popularity in the fandom. It can't match the popularity of the England pairing yet, but it has its devotees.
    • It doesn't stop there, either. Romano and Italy, although not "officially" twins, look a lot alike, and are thus confused as twins. As a result, Itacest has a pretty loyal following.
  • Ask That Guy and The Nostalgia Critic are twins in fics most of the time, with Ask That Guy usually torturing Critic, sexually, emotionally and physically. Fun times for all.
  • If you see Sideswipe and Sunstreaker from Transformers in a fanfic together, 90% of the time it's because they're banging each other.
    • Likewise, Reflector now exists purely to have three-ways. But then three identical robots becoming one camera... really is asking for it.
    • The jet twins Jetfire and Jetstorm too.
  • Quite a few fans of Cagalli from Gundam SEED refuse to follow the canon. Mostly because of all the Ship Tease between the two before The Reveal. Also because of the innocent purepure relationship between Lacus and Kira that does not seem to get any further then hugging or Holding Hands. And the relatively frustrating relationship between Everyone X Athrun X Cagalli that pushes suspension of belief.
  • This Troper found a Alternate Timeline fanfic for the PS3 game In FAMOUS, in which the twin daughters of the first game's protagonist and Love Interest, Cole Mac Grath and Trish Daily, become twincestuous lesbians; due to the nature of the fic, also possible candidate for Evil Without, Foe Yay, and Power Of Love.
  • Lucas and Claus from Mother 3 have been treated in this way.
  • Mario and Luigi... *gags*
  • There is an Evangelion one-shot fic where a mixup occurs and another Rei is deployed while the previous one is still alive. Cue the two meeting up at their apartment and initiating some quick lesbian action... before it turns out that Rei was fantasizing the whole thing. During class, nonetheless. Overlaps with Screw Yourself, naturally.
  • Gemini Man and his clones. It's one of the classic mainstays of Mega man slash.

Movies Edit

  • Narrowly averted (at least according to Fanon) in Star Wars: the viewers (and the characters themselves) are initially led to expect a love triangle between Luke, Leia and Han, but then it is revealed in Return Of The Jedi that Luke and Leia are actually twins.
    • However, the novel Splinter of the Mind's Eye was written and takes place before their relationship was revealed and so features romantic scenes with the two, as well as a scene in which Luke openly admires Leia's body.
      • Apparently Splinter of the Mind's Eye was George Lucas's plan B if Star Wars wasn't a big enough hit to make The Empire Strikes Back, and would have been developed into a movie had there been no money to make the trilogy as hoped. At this point, he had not decided whether or not Luke and Leia would be family or a romantic item, but with all sources taken into context it looks like a pretty clear case of Abandon Shipping.
  • David Cronenberg's 1988 film Dead Ringers features some creepily sexual scenes between Jeremy Irons and Jeremy Irons as twin gynecologists Beverly and Elliot.
    • Based on the novel Twins, later re-released as Dead Ringers.
    • Definitely not to be confused with the Schwarzenegger and Devito vehicle.
    • Though that film surprisingly does have some eyebrow-raising twincest moments.
  • Creepy Twins Wendell and Darlene from the horror film The Hamiltons.
  • Pretty much the basic plot of The Houseof Yes, with Parker Posey.
  • Julie Taymore's film version of Titus Andronicus portrays Chiram and Demetrius this way. They're just as touchy-feely with their mom, too. It's okay, though, because Anthony Hopkins puts them in a pie.
  • Hellboy II: The Golden Army. Okay, the twincest doesn't actually happen, but boy, does Prince Badass Template:Bishonen Faerie want it to.
    • Although it could be inferred that it had happened in the past.
  • Ryan and Sharpay Evans from High School Musical have a suspiciously close relationship, what with singing love songs to each other and playing romantic leads opposite each other. Plus there's that video of "I Can't Take My Eyes Off of You", a song in which Troy, Gabriella, Ryan, and Sharpay all sing -- Troy and Gabriella (established couple) sing to each other and Ryan and Sharpay... also sing to each other. Sample lyrics: "I can't take my eyes off of you/ I know you feel the same way too" and "You never really know what you might Now all I see is you and I/ You're everything I never knew that I've been looking for."
    • That could be one of the reasons that song was left out of the film, but I think the song was originally meant just for Troy and Gabriella, like it is in the play version. And, in that video, it was the actors singing. (Except Zac Efron...)
    • "If Sharpay could figure out a way to play Romeo and Juliet at the same time, her brother would be out of a job."
    • The playing romantic leads against one another is actually not all that uncommon in Real Life theatre companies -- these were often family based, and if the principle players were brother and sister, well...There was one actress in Regency England who was happily married and, her husband not being an actor, actually refused to play romantic leads against anyone except her brother.
  • In Euro Trip, Jenny and Jamie get trashed on absinthe and make out. They are appropriately horrified the next morning.
    "Oh, here it is. Bratislava. Hmm. Capital of Slovakia. Oh, here's a fun fact: You made out with your sister, man!"
  • In Bernardo Bertolucci's The Dreamers, an American student befriends a Parisian brother and sister. They claim to have been been born connected at the shoulder, even though that can't happen with fraternal twins. It becomes more and more apparent that there is something very... odd about the siblings' relationship, but our American doesn't really seem to mind. Everything's fine until someone puts a brick through the window.
  • Not-so-subtly hinted at in Brothers of the Head with conjoined twin brothers.
  • Billy Zane and Gina Gershon's characters in This World Then the Fireworks.
  • Cruel Intentions 2 had a scene where identical twin sisters make out in the shower (although in dialogue they identify themselves as cousins, which is unlikely to anyone with functional eyes). This film was originally produced as the pilot episode for a Fox TV series called Manchester Prep, but the series was cancelled before broadcast and so the pilot was "spiced up" for video release. One can safely assume this scene wasn't in the TV version.
  • Stranz and Fairchild Van Waldenberg in Blades Of Glory. The closeness of their relationship is a running joke throughout the movie and they even share a kiss at the end.
  • The two twin female fairies who talk to Mothra in the Mothra series of films

Literature Edit

  • In Spencer's "The Faerie Queene" (1590) the giantess Aregant commits incest with her twin brother BEFORE THEY ARE BORN.
  • Cersei and Jaime Lannister in A Song of Ice and Fire. An unusual example of an incestuous relationship in serious fiction, as for a long time they're the only couple in the series that has real affection for each other. (That affection is now rapidly waning, however.) Jaime is revealed to be true father of Queen Cersei's children, thus making them false heirs to the throne. This eventually is one of the main causes of the following civil war.
    • Goes from pretty nasty to very squicky when it's revealed that they were into with each other even as little children -- a servant walked in on them doing something sexual when they weren't even ten years old. Cersei even implies that the bond went back to birth, seeing as the two shared a womb and Jaime came out holding onto Cersei. This squicks the everloving fuck out of Ned Stark.
  • Implied in Edgar Allan Poe's Gothic horror story The Fall of the House of Usher.
    • It was damn near outright told, the family had a history of incest, sooo...
  • There's a rather bizarre example in Fifth Quarter by Tanya Huff. The soul of Bannon is forced to share the body of his twin sister Vree when another man steals his body. Vree goes after her brother's body, and when they find it, they devise a plan that Vree will distract him by seducing him, and Bannon will "push" the interloper out his body. Partway through, Vree realizes that Bannon is more interested in seducing himself than in getting his body back, and calls it off.
  • Twins Charles and Camilla from Donna Tartt's The Secret History are revealed to be sleeping together towards the end of the book, although it is hinted at earlier in the book.
  • Twins Estha and Rahel in Arundhati Roy's God of Small Things.
  • Shelley and Kipling in Judith Hawke's Heart of a Witch get into a very complicated relationship that was hinted at from the beginning with Shelley's possessiveness of her brother. Even more weirdly, this eventually turns into a threesome with Snow, the leader of the coven that they join.
  • In P.C. Hodgell's Chronicles Of The Kencyrath series, Highborn Kencyr families used to practice sibling and cousin marriage extensively in order to breed Shanir (individuals manifesting powers of their triune God). Twin marriage was especially valuable for this, since it reinforced traits so strongly in offspring. Since a married pair of twins betrayed their people to the Big Bad and killed off two-thirds of them a few thousand years ago, it's fallen somewhat out of favor, but families that stick to the Old Ways still only breed with others in the extended family. The heroine and her twin brother are, by book 4 (To Ride a Rathorn), having very powerful erotic dreams together and some highly sexually charged meetings, and Word Of God says that they have Single Target Sexuality and will end up together (although not for a while; they have a lot of angst to get past first, especially brother). It's notable that some of the results of constant incest seem to be prevalent in the Highborn; they're dying out, fertility is down, childbed mortality is high, and some families are getting rather strange indeed.
  • The Thirteenth Tale has the twins Adeline and Emmeline. It's more of a incredibly close bond between twins, but with damn powerful implications.
  • Children of Dune has some pretty heavy overtones about Leto II and Ghanima's relationship at times.
    • From Leto II's own mouth: "Let us pass puberty living in the same house, and all your taboos will be as a red rag waved in the face of a Sandworm." Perhaps mercifully, he undergoes transformation into a sandworm-like creature prior to puberty, thus removing this pairing from consideration.
      • ... Of course, that doesn't stop him from marrying her later. But both of them are in complete agreement about the fact that there will be no weirdo hanky-panky going on, and that all her children will be bastards sired by a Corrino survivor, specifically the direct descendant of the emperor Leto's father deposed. (Though they're in love anyway, so, good for them.)
    • Not to mention that one of the reasons Leto transformed was to avoid the certainty of being maneuvered by the Bene Gesserit into this. The Bene Gesserit themselves view this "ship" as the only way to get back control of their Kwisatz Haderach program after Jessica sabotaged it by giving birth to Paul.
  • Stalking Tender Prey by Storm Constantine has, within the first few chapters, a pair of twins who, because they are hybrids of human, and a very oversexualised variation on the Nephilim, and the only two in the area, and therefore can only express themselves to each other get into twincest an awful lot. They're also Half Identical Twins though this is not out of prudishness on the authors part, as one of them later turns out to be massively bisexual, and, lets be fair, most of the main characters do bedhop with most of the other main characters. In fact the main antagonist, as THE fallen angel, effectively satan pretty much gets to bonk 98% of the main characters. Repeatedly.
  • It's really, really difficult to read the opening few hundred pages of Polgara the Sorceress without reading some seriously odd romantic undertones into the relationship between non-identical twin sisters Beldaran and Polgara: not only does Beldaran have her sister completely wrapped around her adorably girly little finger, but they're apparently sharing a bed well into adolescence at least on the occasions when Polgara hasn't decided to run away and live in a tree, and Pol's explicitly possessive anger when Beldaran gets engaged would be a little freakish in its intensity even coming from an actual romantic rival.
    • They actually are identical, making it even more fun. The physical difference or two comes from sorcerous manipulation in the womb by the mother gearing them towards their different destinies -- Polgara was going to be a sorceress and Beldaran was going to be the queen of Riva. Apparently queens should be blondes and sorceresses should be brunettes.
  • In Gene Wolfe's Book Of The New Sun, twins Agia and Agilus are found to have an incestuous relationship when Severian enters Agilus' cell the day before his execution, only to find the brother and sister nude and huddled together. Agilus admits, "Everything you suspect is true," the implication being incest.
  • The Duet the evil twin rulers of the Seven Kingdoms in Morgan Llewellyn and Michael Scott's Arcana series.

TV Edit

  • In the final episode of Arrested Development, Michael's twin sister Lindsay admits that she's attracted to him. However, this is only after the revelation that Lindsay is adopted.
    • Admits? Her almost immediate reaction to learning they're not related is to try and convince him to marry her.
  • It's impossible to watch Maya and Alejandro Herrera in Heroes without thinking about it. After all, Maya killed everyone but Alejandro and herself during her twin brother's wedding after she learned that his bride to be was cheating on him...
  • House points out that two identical female twins who are both fighting to join his team are "distracting to every man and lesbian in the room".
  • There was a pair of fraternal male twins that the main characters used to go to school with on Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia that were sexually involved. Turns out the entire McPoyle family is one large, ingrown incestual orgy. It's just about the creepiest thing on television.
    • In "Who Got Dee Pregnant," the gang (minus Dee) think that Dennis was the one who had sex with Dee at the Halloween party (due to Dennis switching costumes with Charlie and Dee with the girl Dennis was trying to hook up with). Dennis is throwing up when they confront Dee, with them telling her she has to go to Mexico to get an abortion- which she states none of them are the father and although she pulled Dennis into the back room, they didn't have sex.
  • Jack from Will And Grace has, as his life's ambition, to one day meet and have sex with a pair of male identical twins. Will once actually invited over a pair of gay identical athletic twins just to make Jack jealous.
  • Katie and Emily Fitch from Skins. Moreso Katie than Emily; she states that Emily is "hers" and Naomi (who is romantically involved with Emily) could never love Emily as much she does. It doesn't help that at one point during the end of the twins' episode in series three, when Emily is confronting Katie, someone in the crowd yells out that Emily should kiss her.
    • And in the book, the Fitch family are on holiday in France, and Katie steals Emily's phone so she and Naomi can't stay in touch.
  • In an episode of Medium, some characters come across a porno that features this.
  • Definitely played with by John and Edward in X Factor, such as their routine to "Oops I Did It Again", which involved a full re-enactment the talky bit between Britney and her love interest from the music video ("but I thought the old lady threw it into the sea at the end of the movie").
    • For anyone masochistic enough to want to see them in action, [here] is the aforementioned performance.
  • Gossip Girl hints at this in an episode.
    Dan: How do you know so many twins?
Chuck: ... Twins find me.
  • Beastmaster had a fraternal twin example in its first season.


Tao: It says you were born in the same place...and at the same time.

—--Gem : You are the first to understand.

*: Tao: This has to be wrong.
  • Nye: It's not wrong.
    Gem: We know our own story.
    Tao: But it says you were born of the same mother.
    ** crickets**
  • Degrassi The Next Generation Twins Declan and Fiona Coyne were introduced in season 9 as being "very close."
    • In Degrassi Takes Manhattan Fiona drunkenly kisses Declan at a party in front of everyone to make Declan's girlfriend jealous.
  • It took twelve seasons, but "SVU" finally went there in the episode "Bombshell": guest-star Rose McGowan played a con swinger who was swindling people with her twin brother--and also sleeping with him because they "share a soul." Elliot even calls the trope by name.

Music Edit

  • Made explicit in Le Sexoflex's cheerfully NSFW song Twincest. The music video features male and female twins gettin' it on with their siblings, animated by pornographic embroidery.
  • Implied when the Veronicas, a band consisting of twin sisters Lisa and Jess Origliasso, sing "All About Us", a song by t.A.T.u., apparently Schoolgirl Lesbians.
    • The story goes that the song was originally a demo done by the Veronicas; when they couldn't fit it into their lineup, they handed it over to t.A.T.u. Which is not to say that the Veronicas are not twincesty as hell -- see their propensity for taking ridiculously inappropriate-for-sisters pictures. Seriously. Not to mention their [music] [videos]. No...[THIS] video. Also this is the [official] video for the first link...and a little more twincest sexy
    • And at least one of them is rumoured to be a lesbian, which would presumably fuel such speculation.
  • Similarly, when Ryan Dan (another twin band, of the male variety) sing mushy romantic duets to one another.
    • Well, at least one can sing soprano very well.
  • More willfully-interpreted Ho Yay: Bill and Tom Kaulitz, of German band Tokio Hotel.(New .gif for your pleasure! More lap-bouncing, less arm-tugging)
    • [So]...much...fanfiction... It's staggering how...dedicated these fangirls are.
    • At least once when performing live Bill has dropped to his knees in front of Tom, while singing a song supposedly about Tom and a groupie. More specifically, he sang "Ich will mit keiner ausser Dir." Which roughly, in context, translates to "I don't want to do it with anyone but you." He ALWAYS sings that part to Tom.
      • That line has also been translated as "I won't do anything without you" as in "without your conset, i.e. not going to rape you" which makes more sense as "Reden" is about a one-night stand. Not sure what effect that has on the implications.
    • Bill has also commented on these stories saying: ["Everybody can have his fantasies... though they are sometimes really absurd... but they do exist for that..."] Hmm-HMMM.
    • "I'm ready to fall, I'm ready to crawl right on my knees to know it all." Practically on his knees in front of Tom while admitting he's okay with being down there? Oh Bill, learn some subtlety.

Music Videos Edit

  • This seems to be the gist of the relationship between the Kagamine twins of Vocaloid, at least among the fandom.
    • The fact that a lot of people shipping either of them with others hate the Rin x Len pairing on incest grounds is a focal point of the Ship To Ship Combat in the Vocaloid community, despite none of them having any personalities or character traits other than Rin and Len being siblings due to Crypton being Sure Why Not with their fan interpretation.
    • Actually, they have no official relationship to each other what-so-ever. A lot of people think of them as twins, but officially there's no relationship; siblings or otherwise. However, many Rin x Len shippers like them better as twins in love.

Myths & Religion Edit

  • In the Feri Tradition (one of the Neo-Pagan movements), there is a pair of twin gods who basically share all aspects of themselves with each other (and not just in a If You Know What I Mean way), or so claims The Other Wiki. They also don't have a fixed gender.
    • That's not uncommon in mythology. Norse Mythology, for example, has Frey and Freya, sibiling fertility deities, who are... A bit too friendly at times.
    • Norse mythology also has Siegmund and Sieglinde, twins separated at birth, who meet as adults and give birth the legendary hero Siegfried (as told in Wagner's opera, The Valkyrie).
      • In the original version of the myth, called the Volsunga Saga, Siegmund is seeking revenge against Sieglinde's husband Siggeir, who had his family wiped out not long after the marriage. Sieglinde fears that Siegmund cannot win against Siggeir without the help of a blood relative, so she disguises herself and seduces Siegmund, later giving birth to Sinfjotli (an otherwise minor character who gets poisoned by his stepmother later on).
    • Fictional example (err, well, doubly fictional): the Yuuzhan Vong pantheon includes Yun-Q'aah and Yun-Txiin, sibling deities whose domain includes "love and hate and all things opposite". Their usual titles are either "The Twins" or "The Lovers". (Possibly they either aren't twins or aren't lovers, and the Vong just have really confusing mythological canon. It happens.)
  • Egyptian Mythology had Osiris and Isis, as well as Set and Nephthys, the four of which were all twins who fell in love while still in the womb together.
  • The Sioux say twins are the reincarnation of lovers. Whether Everyone Is Bi or Unto Us A Son And Daughter Are Born is another issue.
  • The story of Byblis and Kaunos in Ovid's Metamorphoses.

Porn Edit

  • While incest tropes in general are rarer in visual pornography than one would expect, this one is practically non-existent due to the fact that the handful of twins who work in porn -- like any real twins -- generally would never do something like that. Far more common in suggestive "softcore" than in explicit "hardcore" porn; on the rare occasions it does occur, it's almost invariably with identical twins.
    • There are at least three male examples of this, all of them are from Czech Republic.
    • The Milton Twins Cali and Cherish have avoided this very carefully, but have at least one video (for Fucking Machines) where they use all sorts of appliances on each other.
      • While no actual twincest occurs, they do engage in a four-way with the Simpson Twins, Shaina and Shana.
    • While Missy and Mandy Taylor do get into some very suggestive poses, they never actually engage in any sexual activity with each other.
    • The Dahm triplets -- Nicole, Erica and Jaclyn -- from Brazil have done softcore shoots for Playboy magazine and video, which range from non-suggestive to only mildly suggestive.
    • Identical triplets Rachel, Sarah and Vicki Satterfield have also posed for Playboy, with strongly suggestive posing; but still only softcore.
  • There have been a few noteworthy exceptions. The earliest was a pair of alleged fraternal twin sisters Brooke and Taylor Young, who were quite willing to have sex with each other in a number of features, most notably Teenage Twins.
    • A notable example is mid-20s Japanese twin adult film stars turned-wannabe-idols Airi and Meiri, who did hardcore lesbian twincest sex scenes, as well as more common straight and lesbian threesomes. Their tendency to appear all of 14 years old in their music videos and promotional pictures may squick some people who weren't already bothered by the twincest; but they look pretty much their actual ages in their porn videos.
    • Another exception occurred in the last video that the Love Twins, Lyndsey and Lacey Love, made for Vivid Video, which involved them involved in a group sex scene that culminated in the twins mounted on either side of a double headed dildo, not thrusting it with their own hips but having it pulled back and forth by Brianna Banks. Other than that, and even after they left Vivid, the Love Twins generally only engaged in Twin Threesome Fantasy type scenes.
    • Russian twins Sasha and Pasha have been starring in hardcore lesbian Twincest videos; and are one of the strongest examples of this trope.
    • Recently, a series of commercial-quality images and videos involving so-far unnamed blonde triplets have been popping up on the Internet. Unusual in that not only do they engage in hardcore three-way lesbian sex with each other; but also engage in some pretty serious fetish play as well, which may tend toward Nausea Fuel rather than Fetish Fuel, depending on your personal preferences.
    • A popular gay male example is identical triplets Joey, Jimmy, and Jason Visconti.
  • Another Ho Yay version. The Peters twins, Elijah and Milo. Not only are they porn stars willing to do sex scenes, but they're romantically involved in real life as well.

Print Media Edit

  • Expect this in any pictorial featuring twins in the less classy porn magazines.
  • In 2003, Shane and Sia Barbi sued Hustler for unauthorized use of photos showing "intimate sexual acts between the twin sisters".

Real Life Edit

  • A pair of separated at birth twins in the UK had their marriage annulled when they discovered their relation. [1]
  • Ho Yay example: Kyle and Lane Carlson, twin male models.
  • Milo and Elijah Peters, identical twin models at Bel Ami, have this as their schtick. Apparently they're lovers outside of work as well.

Theater Edit

  • This trope (along with a helping of Creepy Twins) is the premise of Marina Carr's play Portia Coughlan. Portia is haunted by her twin brother Gabriel, who drowned himself as a teenager; the fact that she's still obsessed with him fifteen years later (and that Gabriel is referred to as "unnatural") hints heavily towards this, so it's no surprise when she reveals that their relationship was sexual. It's a bit more surprising when her aunt reveals that Portia's parents, too, are half-brother and sister, though neither of them know it.
  • Bat Boy The Musical: Bat Boy and Shelley... and it's an Interspecies Romance too!
  • The entire plot of the rather strange -- and very sexual -- British queer play Over There. The two-man cast consists of the identical twins Harry and Luke Treadaway, and I can only say that the two certainly aren't uncomfortable with each other.
  • There are also Siegmund and Sieglinde in Richard Wagner's Die Walküre.

Video Games Edit

  • Continuing Fire Emblem's proud tradition of Brother Sister Incest, The Sacred Stones gives us the twin siblings Eirika and Ephraim, whose in-game supports all but outright spell it out.
    • See also Skasaha and Locke (fan translations may very), Aira's twin children in Fire Emblem 4.
  • Resident Evil: Code Veronica implies that Alfred's devotion to Alexia goes some way beyond mere intense admiration.
    • The novelization pretty much states it outright.
  • Devil May freakin' Cry. It doesn't help that Dante and Vergil are ridiculously pretty and there's a lack of female characters (that don't look like their mom.)
  • Visual novel Yosugano Sora most famous pairing Haruka and Sora are twins and the fact that Sora is even implied to masturbates by imagining having sex with her brother BEFORE the game even started clearly doesn't help...
  • Metal Gear Solid, being chock full of Ho Yay moments, certainly didn't shy from playing with this trope. In the first game, Liquid Snake strips Solid Snake's shirt off while the latter was unconscious, and there was his desperate need to prove that he was the dominant brother. Naturally, it's kicked up to overdrive in the remake. It also certainly didn't help that Liquid was a Large Ham and his voice actor, Cam Clarke, seemed to have an uncanny ability to make the word "brother" sound very erotically incestuous.
    • Liquid does blatantly say that part of his motivation is that, 'in Nature, family members don't mate with each other, but they help each other to survive'. Bad biology aside, it's pretty easy to overthink how that would justify him killing his brother instead of 'helping him to survive'
  • Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly, with their whole "becoming one with your other twin". One of the key plot elements of the game is the fact that the village use to perform rituals in which the older twin would strangle the younger one, who would then become one spiritually with the older twin and then they'd get to be togeetheeer foreeveeer. This whole "I want to be with only YOU, -insert other twin's name here-;" thing happens with prettymuch all of the Twin Shrine Maidens depicted in the game, including but not restricted to Azumi and Akane Kiryu, the protagonist Mio and her sister Mayu, and the antagonist Sae with her sister Yae. Sae seems to be the one with the most weirded-out obssession with her sister, since she seems to all along have fantasized about the day that she'd get to be strangled by Yae by the end of the game you find a crystal left by her that is pretty much along the lines of "Oh Yae, kill me, KIIILLL MEE" like she's getting turned on by the idea.
    • Not to mention in the promotional comercials, Mio and Mayu are shown in a number of amusingly suggestive poses together. The strangling pose Mio puts herself in above Mayu at the end of the game in Normal mode is also very suggestive.
      • Aaaaand some official art has them sitting together or swiming together in bikinis. Very... very closely.
  • Raul Gureden of Super Robot Wars Reversal would have fit the more appropriate Screw Yourself, due in fact his female counterpart Fiona Gureden are one and the same character in Reversal. However, upon getting an entry in Super Robot Wars Original Generation, the two became Half Identical Twins; naturally, fanworks ascended it to this trope, even though continuity says otherwise.
  • In the PSX rpg Dragon Valor, the grandson and granddaughter of Clovis, the game's first protagonist, are fraternal twins who are the "most important thing" to each other. It is revealed in the final scene that they are forced to keep their love a secret most of the time as they can only freely express their mutual affection in places where "nobody knows that they're the prince and princess" (i.e. brother and sister).
  • In Xenosaga, Albedo is revealed to have been the conjoined twin of Junior. And let's just say that Albedo... was really obsessed with him, to the point where the thought of being unable to stay with him forever drove him mad.
  • In Kings Quest III, after Alexander frees his twin sister Rosella and talks to her, he seems attracted to her in a not-so-platonic way. Of course, they were also Separated At Birth.
    • The same reason was why a lot of Phoenix Online players were scratching their heads at the opening scene of The Silver Lining (a Fan Sequel to the series). Sure, it makes logistical sense to keep the comatose twins in the same room where their respective spouses can act as a final line of defense...but the same bed?! Um...NoYay.
  • In Odin Sphere, Ingway seems to love Velvet in a more-than-brotherly way.
  • Weiss and Nero from Final Fantasy VII: Dirgeof Cerberus. Oh. God.
    • God is an understatement for this cause
  • In the second Rune Factory game as your child you can "marry" a set of twins, even if you're a girl. They're blissfully naive though so they most likely didn't think too much into it.
  • Amber and Crystal Bailey in Dead Rising 2, pictured above.. Then again, they both hit on Anything That Moves.
  • Lucjan and Myaja, a brother-and-sister fighting team in Dragon Age, state that "everything they do, they do together." When the PC asks them if that means everything, Myaja asks if he wants to find out.
  • Duke Nukem Forever has the "Holsom Twins."

Webcomics Edit

  • Fraternal twins Lucy and Fisk in Better Days. Whether it happened more than once is a matter of debate. Lucy at least continues to have more than sisterly feelings for her brother well into college.
    • Given that there are several early Naylor porn-folios centered around Lucy and Fisk, it seems likely that they were at least originally intended to have a long-running relationship... then again, those portfolios are stricken from the record as far as Naylor is considered, mostly because the copyright notices affirm that Lucy is not his original creation.
  • Rick and Kate in Concession, though that is not by any means the only way they are messed up. Also Joel's connection to his sister's ghost seems to border on this, though she died too young for anything to really happen
  • The twin lawyers in Devil Bear have a strong vibe of this going. Given that they are infernal servants and borderline Horny Devils, it's not unexpected.
  • Subverted in Oglaf While trapped in his Lotus Eater Machine, Ivan's love interest says she's delivered twins and shows him...two minature copies of herself making out. Rather than be a turn on, it's the sight that makes Ivan briefly realize it's All A Dream.
  • Fansadox forces any pretty twins it has to do this.

Web Original Edit

  • Whilst nothing explicit has happened (Yet?), Survival Of The Fittest V3 characters Lenny and Elizabeth have a whole lot of Subtext in their relationship, prompting a lot of 'speculation' amongst members of the board. It isn't clear precisely what relationship the pair have, but it is implied it goes further than being simply siblings.
    • Recently the handler more-or-less addressed this issue, quoting a Fanfic in this first half of one of his posts.
  • In Tea, Biscuits and Incest Makayla finds out that her ex boyfriend Jayden is her long-lost twin. Doesn't help that he's also sleeping with their father.

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