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June 17, 2011

About me... well, first thing first, I wasn't banned on TV and didn't have much differences with Fast Eddie. While I appreciate he went to great lengths to keep content (splitting pages into subtropes when they crashed his servers, a lesser man would have removed examples from the page until it'd stop doing that), I'm of the opinion that recently TV has Jumped Off The Slippery Slope. Needing to get known to edit, it used to show your IP with which you edited (I made a big rant about it back then), but worse now, removing content and entire sections with little or no reason, encouraging editors that just like to cut, to, you know, keep cutting from pages for no reason, encouraging insulting tropers in history pages.

And recently removing the Troper Tales, Fetish Fuel and even High Octane Nightmare Fuel. I remember making an edit on Bread Eggs Milk Squick using the last two pages to say why TV Tropes fits this trope itself, and I still don't know if it's Harsher In Hindsight or Hilarious In Hindsight. Though even if I consider them Squick, I also think anyone has the right to write about squick if it's part of TV Trope's span (and it is). People could have just avoided those, but nooooo, it squicked some loud mouths too well.

So, here we are. I've made some general guidelines for the wiki after the... weird legacy and trying to make the best of it. There's lots of cleanup to do here as you probably observed, and nobody said it'd be easy, but it'll be a lot more loose than it used to be and hopefully fun for everyone!

More about me on Wikinfo.

Anime eye tilted

I'm watching you :-)[1]

Admin Edit

Notes about myself as an admin
  • My main self-appointed role is:
    1. to keep this Wikia site alive as long as Wikia exists (hopefully, for a long, long time)
    2. to enforce Wikia rules and the US laws here (as to uphold #1)
    3. to delete spam and revert vandalism
    4. Pimp out skin/background and badges.
    • Anything else is more or less negotiable
See also Tropes Wiki:Privacy policy
  • I made mostly vague policies except the ones above, and I don't have a problem with editors, admins or regular users, making policy pages for this wiki. However, I reserve the right to either rewrite those pages, or put a {{not policy


template on that page, or even a {{against


if it's something against our core values (i.e. some page about Tropes:Delete All Anime Examples, Tropes:Delete All Examples From Work X etc).
  • I'm not an American, I'm Romanian. That doesn't mean any cultural bias on my part, but don't be upset if I leave messages in the middle of the night of your timezone or answer half a day late. These things can't be helped and I have to sleep sometimes too XD
  • I try to remain neutral. If I'm speaking about something, I'm not speaking for you or against you, I'm speaking my mind, pure and simple. Your involvement in the subject is incidental.

Self Troping Edit

Notes Edit

  1. Image and text purely For The Lulz. All I can watch is Special:RecentChanges. Seriously.

Badges Edit

  • I got 9 badges on my first day, then nothing the next. The system doesn't seem to be so progressive.
  • 1 per day now, barely. Gotta get moving on making those costumised categories badges.
  • Image badges are buggy. If you already made a redlink File:Image to upload.extension and upload it after, you're not awarded the badge for adding the image to the article, although in wiki activity is does say you did.
    • Apparently the system thinks normal that you upload a buttload of images and let users choose what to add to what article after they were uploaded. I'm not sure this is normal.
  • A cool thing however is that template-generated categories are considered like manual added categories, so the cat badges can be earned faster.
  • At least the categories seem to go way above the last image you can costumize in badges (i.e. category badges have costumable images until 250, but you get another one (the same? except for the number changed) at 500, 750, 1000...
  • And of course, they're really exploitable. Nobody's tried yet, but some badge-hounds could really disrupt the wiki for their dose of badges.

Other bugs Edit


A little behind, aren't we?

I'm good

Notes Edit

  1. Image and text purely For The Lulz. All I can watch is Special:RecentChanges. Seriously.

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